Dorchester Reporter co-founder attacked in local park

Ed Forry, co-founder and longtime publisher of the Dorchester Reporter, was attacked around 5:30 p.m. in Dorchester Park, his son, current publisher and editor Bill Forry, reports:

My father was assaulted in Dorchester Park this afternoon; he's OK, but was mugged and choked unconscious @ 5:30 near Carney entrance.

We should all be vigilant in/around the park; that said, the best way to secure our parks are to use them and watch/report trouble.

Our family will there for Thursday's free concert 7 p.m., Dot Park. After all, it's OUR park; not some coward mugger.



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    Why? They wanted to rob him;

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    Why? They wanted to rob him; they took his wallet. Considering there was no weapon I'm betting it was some desperate addict needing money for more drugs, not a career mugger. Good thing the victim wasn't seriously hurt. I saw the police looking for him, hope they find him.


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    Desperate addicts tend to become career muggers.
    Sorry to hear about this; best wishes for a speedy recovery to Ed Forry.

    Break the perp's fingers

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    I'm a pretty liberal guy but I'd support some drastic and painful punishments for anyone who harms truly vulnerable people like kids and the elderly.

    Best wishes to Mr. Forry for a healthy recovery..

    Speedy recovery to your

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    Speedy recovery to your father.
    Lots of great stuff going on in the park and the neighborhood and let's hope the police catch the perp. Best wishes and speedy recovery to your father.

    So true

    The junkies have flooded the neighborhood. Its like Night of the Living Dead out there.

    Bad drugs

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    Too many cracked heads. The junkies have taken over, black and white zombies.

    what a

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    POS. lock him up and let him suffer in county.

    Doesn't surprise me people

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    Doesn't surprise me people get to comfortable and think all is great in Boston they forget Dorchester still exist no matter what part it is keep your eyes open won't be the last time it happens you can have your stats add this incident to it and the multiple ones that don't get reported most in Dorchester/Mattapan and part's of Roxbury.Enjoy ya walks in Beacon Hill and the yuppie side if J.P and Rosendale of course you all feel safe cause where you live is.

    Let me get this right

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    A journalist's own son, who is also a journalist, publishes their own story on their own website about getting mugged. I am sure that this happened, but I have a feeling some journalism standards were bypassed on this one. No mention of any witnesses besides the victim, at 5:30pm, on a Sunday afternoon? I find that a little hard to believe but again, I wasn't there.

    On the other hand, I wish Ed a speedy recovery and applaud his work over the years.

    Sheesh, tough crowd

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    I saw a tweet yesterday from somebody who has nothing to do with the Reporter on the incident. As for the Reporter itself, you're asking for in-depth reporting on a mugging, something that almost nobody does anymore.

    I've known Ed and Bill for several years now (conflict of interest note: I built their Web site, still maintain the site and do the odd story for them); to suggest that they're making this up, just, no, they wouldn't do that.

    I agree, Adam, tough crowd!

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    I agree, Adam, tough crowd! I think the crowd on uhub is getting tougher and tougher lately. In any event, thanks for not letting it dissuade you. This is a great site for important local news that other news outlets blatantly ignore.

    Let me get this right

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    The newspaper is the "The Dorchester Reporter", this is important news, it happened in Dorchester. I see no conflict of interest here.
    I'm no mugger, but I wouldn't choke someone out if there were people around. Hence, no witnesses.


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    We were there in the field in the other side of the park with the dogs at that time and another dog owner walking the loop path saw the cops over by the Dorchester Ave part and heard the story from them. We saw the cop car pull up to the field looking for the suspect too, though we didn't know what had happened at that point. The park was mostly empty of people even though it was Sunday, because it had been pouring off and on most of the day. Though other people saw this guy hanging out by the playground most of the day in the rain we saw no one there. There was only one or two other dog owners besides us and one person walking the lower path who may have been Ed now that I think about it. I couldn't tell but they had white hair. We walked through the park to the other side right before this incident. And I did post/tweet about the incident before the son reported it. I found out right after it happened, including who the victim was because he is well known in the neighborhood.