Man shot at in Roxbury; two suspects run away, one drives away

Around 7:15 p.m. in the area of 185 Cabot St. Two suspects were spotted running towards the Ruggles T stop, the third spotted driving down Huntington in a teal BMW 3-series.



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Car caught, I believe

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I was passing through Brigham Circle right at 8 pm and there was a car that matched this general description (all I noticed was that it was a weird-colored sedan... maybe just the hood) stopped at the intersection of Tremont and Huntington, with police cars in front and behind, lights flashing. Looked like an interesting scene.

Half an hour later they were loading it onto a flatbed. I can't say for certain, but now having read this my first thought was that it's associated.

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Yeah, sounds right

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I was actually making dinner at the time, so was kind of distracted, but it did sound like they had a car stopped in that area. Also, there may have been a young child in the back seat, sigh.

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