Gunfire, blood on Dorchester street

Police are at Harvard and Lorne streets in Mattapan, where residents reported gunfire around 10:05 p.m. Arriving officers found shell casings, fresh blood and a cell phone and an empty parking space, but no victim - although the person may have hopped into a green car seen leaving the area. About 15 minutes after the gunfire, a man with a gunshot wound was dropped off at Carney Hospital.

A man on a white motorcycle was also seen riding away around the same time.



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Hey gov

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Yeah, your right gov , only a few kids died/were killed in dys. Only a handful are shot/Stabbed/murdered on our boston streets. Let's add some more to this already VERY VERY safe city. Oh yes, most if not all of those illegal kids/moms/ guardians WILL end up in boston. Where the public schools are BELEIVED to be TERRIBLE . Where the hand outs are awesome . Yup , I love living here because it's a great place. Sadly, other people just like it here because it's great place to financially drain it!
Yeah, let's pretend this is a GREAT place for young non gaurdian children.

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