One man shot in Dorchester, another man shot somewhere

A resident captured the scene at 6 Gleason after the shooting.

Stanley Staco reports a man was shot in a drive-by outside 6 Gleason St. in Dorchester.

Police are looking for a silver 2014 Malibu seen speeding from the scene.

Not long after, another man with a gunshot wound to the chest was dropped off at the Boston Medical Center emergency room by somebody who sped off. The victim apparently developed amnesia and was unable to say where he'd been shot.



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They aren't "men" and it isn

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They aren't "men" and it isn't a "war".

Hell they don't even live in the "inner" city. The vast majority of the gang violence in the city is occurring in suburban neighborhoods with detached houses.


The original Shawmut core

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The original Shawmut core+lower Roxbury (it was as dense as the South End) before late 19th century annexations+Charlestown+East Boston. Everything else is comparatively suburban and not in any way an "inner" part of the city as much as an "outer" neighborhood.


So Dorchester and Mattapan

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So Dorchester and Mattapan are not inner city?? I look at some parts of South side of Chicago that are Suburban looken so what does look have to do with anything lol what a *****


Your comment makes absolutely

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Your comment makes absolutely no sense. If you consider that part of dorchester "relatively suburban" then you are lost. They are fighting a war, countless gangs/projects/neighborhoods engaging in war in which either them or civilians end up dead or locked up. This cycle ends in no good whatsoever hence the term "war"


The term inner city is a term

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The term inner city is a term commonly used to describe the majority minority community.


Dorchester definitely is the inner-city

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Dorchester is definitely part of the inner-city. Who cares what it was like in the 19th century? It is the 20th century right now. Dorchester has at least 5 different zip codes. Dorchester is definitely part of the inner-city and no where near suburban. It is clear that some people clearly make textbook statements without experiencing or seeing things for themselves. Dorchester touches just centers about 5 other neighborhoods. How could you not call dorchester inner city?