Woman stabs man in the chest in Dorchester

Around 7 p.m. at 157 Washington St.

The homicide unit was called in due to the severity of the victim's injuries.

A separate ambulance was called to take two young children, who were in the apartment at the time, to the hospital for observation.



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No comments on this? But 2

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No comments on this? But 2 shot brings out the idiots what pathatic dick ***** we need a room or trap spotlights for these convos

If you spent half the time

If you spent half the time you spend complaining about every violent act that appears on uhub volunteering somewhere to help prevent violence you'd probably see some change.

It's the series of violent

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It's the series of violent acts and the apathy to it that I found most troubling on this website..

A red line or orange train breaks down, 40 comments. But a week and a half of incredible violence in C-11 and B-3 barely registers with the commenters of this site.

...and 85 comments for

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...and 85 comments for uhubbers outraged that someone complained on citizens connect that a for rent sign was inappropriate signage in Beacon Hill.

There's more contempt for people reporting supposed unapproved signage in rich neighborhoods than concern for violent deaths in poorer neighborhoods.

Its because these people don

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Its because these people don't live in these areas and not losing loved ones and friends so they don't care I've learned to not allow the punks to over ride what I feel I don't know the solution but the start is caring

response time

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Heard the call on the scanner,she initially called. Another call for person shot,which probably caused the delay. Call upgraded to person stabbed.