Shots fired outside Mass. Ave. T stop

Around 8:30 p.m. Sgt. Luke Taxter at District D-4 reports no injuries.

Police are looking for two Hispanic males, one 5'8, 18-22, with a black T-shirt with some sort of design on it and carrying a backpack, the other about 5'10" in a black leather baseball cap and a black T-shirt, with a black and white sweatshirt slung over one shoulder.



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Police districts

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D14 is Allston/Brighton. Sgt. Taxter is with D4 (South End)


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Last week there were swat teams patrolling stony brook because of the shooting at the station. I guess the shooters figure that they can ride the orange line a few stops and shoot it out because they know the transit cops can only have security theatre showing at one station at a time

You're giving them too much credit

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I'm betting it was gang members trying to settle some sort of score and that that's something they would be doing even if they kept up with the dispatches from your finer news outlets on police deployments, which I kind of doubt.

Also, the extra policing down at Stony Brook relied heavily on extra BPD resources, not the one Transit cop who was stationed down there.

Second incident

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This is the second incident near Mass Ave T so I hope there will be extra BPD patrols. It's a location where several neighborhoods meet - South End, Back Bay and Fenway. And several police jurisdictions - MBTA, state police for the SWC park and BPD.

Call the diplomats / national guard / drone strike forces JennL

According to a friendly source the fellows of H Block and the nice young gentlemen from Villa Victoria are involved in a small dust up about something that causes them to act very ungentlemanly to each other.

This may or may not be related to the shooting at Mass. Ave. yesterday, but needless to say the shooters don't give a rat's arse about what the police are doing or what anyone else is doing right now.

Better yet

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Call your local congressman and demand a law that would equate violent street gangs to domestic terrorists.

That's overkill and would

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That's overkill and would contribute to the already alarming militarization of police.

Treating street gangs as "organized crime" and going after them like the mafia would work.