Two stabbed in Jackson Square

Around 2:45 p.m. on Centre Street, across from the liquor store.

Police are looking for four suspects, one a woman in a long dress with orange stripes who did the stabbing and three men, one wearing a GPS ankle bracelet and a blue-and-white striped shirt.

Because of the proximity to the Orange Line station - initial reports suggested the stabbing happened near the fare gates - the T had Orange Line trains bypass Jackson Square.



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How on earth do four people flee a stabbing without being trailed, followed, observed...? Especially if they're decked out in orange stripes and a GPS anklet (though I'm guessing that will come in handy as it did in another recent attack, if I remember right).

#1 BPD can't be everywhere.

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#1 BPD can't be everywhere.
#2 BPD can't get everywhere fast enough for everything.
#3 The thugs know this.
#4 No snitchin', culture of condoning, fear of reprisals, catch & release/failure to convict = no one talks

Sweetheart...if you r grown..

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Sweetheart...if you r grown...that No snitching shit is out the window...Everybody is snitchin...and if ur not there is cameras everywhere...if U don't want these dumb assed teens-20y.o. keep running shit and killing ppl...y'all need to either get control of your kids...stop acting like they are friends, or tell when U see something...


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Real mature and helpful Stevie Wonder.

Steviewonder does have a somewhat valid point.

Of course they could have been nicer in the way they said it. Seriously though. Who is going to follow a guy who just stabbed someone? I see someone get stabbed then I am getting the F out of there. What's next? Same person shooting someone. I only want the holes God gave me.