Yet another woman attacked by a man on a bicycle, this time in South Boston

Boston Police report they are looking for a man who grabbed a woman from behind as she was walking home in South Boston early Sunday - and fled on a black mountain bike after he was startled by another person.

According to police, the woman was walking on W. 2 Street between D and E around 2:25 a.m., when the man grabbed her from behind and groped her:

The victim described the suspect as a male of unknown ethnicity but had a medium brown complexion, approximately 5'8"-5’10” tall, muscular build with facial hair described as scruffy. The suspect was wearing a black or dark blue sleeveless hooded sweatshirt which he wore with the hood up. After being startled by a witness, the suspect fled the area on a black mountain bike.

This is the third attack on a woman by a man on a bicycle reported since July 15, when a woman was attacked near Fresh Pond in Cambridge. Another woman was attacked Friday on the Esplanade.



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    If bikes are outlawed

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    Only outlaws will have bikes.

    Actually, it sounds like we need some cops on bikes - good way to get exercise, prevent disability, etc.

    Great Idea!

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    Why hasn't anyone else thought of having BPD on bicycles?!? (sarcastic)

    Boston has bicycle officers.

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    Boston has bicycle officers. Bill Evans, the current chief, is actually a huge advocate of foot patrols/ walking the beat. It might not be as evident as people prefer right now, hopefully that will change.

    I've seen many Boston cops on

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    I've seen many Boston cops on bikes patrolling Boston Common, Boylston St., on the Esplanade near the Hatch Shell, etc., etc.

    BPD bike cops are too busy

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    BPD bike cops are too busy riding on sidewalks and the wrong way down one-way streets to apprehend felons.

    Better yet, cops on motorcycles

    Cops on mixed use (on/off road) motorcycles would be more effective at chasing down bicyclists than on a vehicle of equal speed. I've not seen any of these used by police, thus a greater lacking than bicycle police.


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    Its a story about.

    an Attack
    AND South Boston

    Throw in a 'storrowing' and the earth may shake!

    mountain bike

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