Resident's surveillance camera captures images of knife-wielding Fields Corner muggers

A Ditson Street resident forwarded this image from her home's surveillance camera of two men right after they'd held up an elderly man at knifepoint around 5 p.m. yesterday at Ditson Street and Arcadia Park in Fields Corner.

She reports:

Victim was unharmed but lost his phone, wallet, and other valuables. The suspects fled on foot up Ditson St, and then ran through the vacant lot at the end of Ditson St. toward Ridgewood St.

Suspect #1 is about 5'8" tall, late teen, wearing white snickers, blue jeans, a white T-shirt and a light colored cap.

Suspect #2 is about 5'7" tall, late teen, wearing brown shoes, red or purplish pants, and a white T shirt.

She adds:

I find it very upsetting that these muggers can terrorize our elderly neighbors and are pretty much guaranteed to get away with it.



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neither one owns a belt. Maybe that's what they needed the cash for.


Common? I wouldn't say so. But I wouldn't say it's unheard of, either.

You've not heard of such a thing?

They're cheap and fun now

They've got very cheap wifi cameras sold as peripherals to wireless routers nowadays. I've got ones made by D-Link pointing at my front & back doors. They upload video and photos if motion is detected and can email them to your phone, so I get instant alerts whenever my cat has a spaz.
I haven't thought about pointing one at the street, but maybe it'd cross my mind if I lived in a stabbier neighborhood. Point is, it's not like in the 80's when you had some burly former bouncer turned "security consultant" show up in a van and wire your home with cameras and a big Scarface-esque wall of TV monitors; I think these are pretty mainstream now.

Very common

They're cheap and easy to use. I know a number of people who have them in their second homes so they can check on things while they're not there.

And if you want to give even more money

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to your combined ISP/Phone/TV government sanctioned legalized monopoly provider than you already do, you can have them install the system for you.

Of course, I've never seen ads that tout the benefits of monitoring the OUTSIDE of the house. But there's always a first time for everything.

Dunno about "common"

I've noticed at least three in my neighbourhood.

Also, I thought about adding one to our back yard last summer when we had that rash of arson in Somerville.


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Its instances like this that make these cameras a tolerable,"big brother like"invasion of privacy.