Six shot in Chinatown

Chinatown scene. Photo by David Mihal.

UPDATE: Police now say six people were shot.

UPDATE: Man held on $1 million bail; has different name, address than initially released by police.

Four people were shot outside the New Moon Villa Restaurant shortly before 3 a.m.

Boston Police report arresting Kareem Smith, 29, and say he has a record of firearms convictions.

While on patrol, officers heard what appeared to be gun shots outside of the above address. Officers observed a suspect fleeing the scene and pursued him on foot. After a brief foot chase, officers were able to apprehend the suspect, recover a firearm, and secure the scene and numerous witnesses within minutes. During the pursuit, an officer's firearm was discharged, however, a preliminary investigation has determined that there were no injuries as a result of this discharge. ...

Officers and Boston EMS treated four victims who incurred non-life-threatening gunshot injuries, three of whose injuries appeared to be minor. The victims were all male and ranged in age from 22 to 27 years old. All four victims were transported to area hospitals.

Melissa K. Palardy reports hearing seven shots from her nearby apartment.

Evidence markers by shell casings on Edinboro.



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I hope ABC Pays Stanley.

I see they asked his permission to 'use on all platforms' but no mention was made of payment.

Presumably they do pay him but if not, what's with an affiliate of Disney leeching off local pro photographers who deserve to make a living?

Handing Adam stuff is one thing as we contribute, presumably, because we want to help him make the thing work and he's just struggling like everyone else.

But if you are a fortune 500 mega corp, you are supposed to pay.

As for Moon Villa... good to know it still exists. Is Bo Shek still around too?

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Well ...

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Forman has been working for WCVB, the local ABC affiliate, for years now, and the networks usually have agreements with their affiliates for stuff like this. Hard to infer much from 140 characters, but sounds like an intern was unaware of who he is.

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Just say no

They asked him so he can say NO PERMISSION or tell them to contact him for payment and rights agreement.

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Oh good.

I hoped that was in effect.

Some firms like Google assume you are 'lucky' for the exposure after they essentially destroyed the old arrangements for entire categories of creatives.

Pro photographers have been hit especially hard.

It's a disturbing trend.

I don't help much by giving what I do away, but much of it is based on the premise that my stuff isn't worth anything.

Getting to a crime scene at 3am is.

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Sorry to show my ignorance but...What are all of you talking about?

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Huh? Part 2

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This photo sucks. Unless it's aliens landing on Earth to takeover the human race. What are we looking at?

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Devilishly cute little mini pylon things

..that cops use nowadays to mark exact locations of spent bullet casings at the 3am crime scene.

While it may fail to answer exalted aesthetic cravings it is interesting to the generally curious and those more specifically interested in procedures for securing crime scenes.. the gist of the post.

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Being specific always helps.

That one is your basic surreal night scene color wash.

Note how easy it is to differentiate with a bit of detail beyond the usual.."this sux".. thing we have come to expect.

I ran into a similar problem last winter but got lucky.

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Lived above moon villa for 5

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Lived above moon villa for 5 years. Loved every minute. Especially the late night crowds of partiers chest thumping or acting crAzy at 3am . It was street theater. Chinatown is slowly disappearing as all the luxury units take over the area. It is so convenient and so interesting and so full of life - and the occasional shooting...

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Cold tea

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Guess all the people that go there are going to have to find a new place to get flat beer in a dirty ginger ale can at 230 am. #coldtea

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