Pack of young teens charged with knifepoint robbery in Hyde Park

Boston Police report arresting five kids - aged 12 to 15 - on armed-robbery charges for an incident around 5 p.m. on Tuesday at Business Street and Reservation Road.

According to police, the five surrounded two other people and one of them waved a knife and demanded phone and sneakers.

On arrival, officers observed two young males fleeing the area on bicycles. As officers gave chase to the individuals, another male suspect dropped his bicycle and fled on foot towards Smith Road and Enneking Parkway. Officers were able to apprehend the three individuals who had fled as well as two additional suspects.

All five were charged with being deliquent for armed robbery, intent to rob while armed and assault and battery.

Police say they recovered the phone, but not the sneakers.

Also Tuesday and early today:
Cabbie robbed at gunpoint in Hyde Park.
Police investigate gunfire in Hyde Park.



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        Right? Bought a house in Hyde

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        Right? Bought a house in Hyde Park a year ago after growing up in Dorchester and spending the last eight years in J.P. - (unfortunately) it's starting to feel like "home" today!

        It's not that bad

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        Don't get me wrong, this intersection is on my favorite running route so it rattles me a bit, but judging by the time and ages, I would be willing to bet that the kids committed an opportunity crime while going home (or wherever) from the pool. The pool kids seem a bit rough, though that might just be my memories from oh so long ago going swimming there.

        I'm not going to say that Hyde Park is as safe as a sylvan suburb, but for the city it's relatively safe.

        What's up with picking on

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        What's up with picking on Dorchester? Are you just pissed off that you had to move to Hyde Park because you couldn't afford to live in Dorchester or JP?

        Seriously, I don't think I'm ever going to understand some Bostonians' need to talk crap about certain neighborhoods. And it's always those same people who get pissed off when "outsiders" move in, fix them up, make them better and appreciate and maintain them.

        Another exhibit of why some

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        Another exhibit of why some parents would rather crawl over broken glass and put themselves into the poor house paying for private schools or moving to the bland burbs than send their children to BPS.


        Pack of young maggots.

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        12-15 year olds! Robbing people at knife point at 5pm. Something seriously wrong.
        Hopefully this incident will help them "smarten up".

        Not as long as our

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        "justice" system gives them special protections (not releasing names to public, special "court" system, sealed records, etc.)

        But I guess it's more important to "protect" these "juveniles" from the real world than to teach them that their actions have consequences, and to make them own up to their actions.


        Well forgive me for believing

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        that teens who gang up on and assault innocent persons should be treated for who they are - suspects of a very serious crime. Unless you somehow believe this is "normal" behavior for juveniles teenagers..

        And please spare us your ongoing liberal twisting of "science" to justify the concept that somehow 13 and 14 year olds don't know that they shouldn't assault, threaten, stab, or shoot people. If Little Johnny or Judy want to make those type of arguments, let them do it in court .

        But let's proceed under the delusion that anybody 17 or under is automatically presumed to be too immature to accept the consequences of their actions, but that anyone 18 or older isn't. Ever hear of "equal protection under the law" - which is NOT happening here. Plus, you yourself have often proclaimed how cognitive development doesn't really stop until the early 20s. Should we raise the "juvenile vs. adult" line to 25? Or perhaps 30? You know, just to make sure that a suspect is truly mature before we charge them.

        Lastly, if this "system" whereby we arbitrarily treat people in the justice system different only because of their age is working so well, why do we continue to hear of increasingly serious crimes being committed by these "juveniles"? Oh right, because instead of acknowledging we have a very broken system that suspects and lawyers are gaming to their advantage, we continue to support system that does not encourage people to take responsibility for their actions and doesn''t send the obvious message that actions have real consequences.

        Science says that what you

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        Science says that what you believe is wrong. Please use the internet properly, learn something, and stop posting this idiocy over and over and over. You only make the point that you are willfully stupid.

        Is it?

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        Only Herald readers believe it is unacceptable for 12-15 year olds to rob people at knife-point? I better go pick up a Herald then.