Man shot in Grove Hall

Around 3:35 p.m. on Brunswick Street off Blue Hill Avenue. Suspects: Two black men in a newer-model, beige Camry.



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And it just keeps going

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No end in sight, as long as there are uneducated, lazy, morons, with nothing better to focus their energy on. So afraid of the future, it seems like stupidity is the trend now.


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this shooting on Brunswick st is the 5th or ,6th at or near the SAME address this MONTH... BIG HEAD BOYZ ARE UNDER ATTACK...


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That's what wrong with stupid muthafuckers they talk when unspoken to. big head Boyz is never under attack think before u speak. know ur history dumb fuck the head the one doing the work when fuck niggas try to slide through. remember that whoever the clown is that made this comment. .