Car-to-car drive-by shuts Gallivan Boulevard in Adams Corner

The Dorchester Reporter reports on the 4:15 p.m. incident on Gallivan Boulevard in which an occupant of one car opened fire on the occupants of another car.



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Police got a license plate

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Police got a license plate number from a witness; and someone showed up at carney with bullet holes. Fortunately, the 'no snitching' policy in some neighborhoods doesn't extend to others.
Is there special punishment for spraying gunfire on train station platforms and public roadways?

I don't believe there is any

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I don't believe there is any laws that are specifically directed towards gunfire on train platforms or public roadways. Just gun laws that encompass all possible scenarios.

Tony Dang

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Nice job, Tony ran for state rep last year and is a great cop


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Tony is a stand up guy in the neighborhood and was right there to get the license of the perpetrators.

Lots of people told what they saw, though, including the State Rep for the district, Dan Cullinane, who was 5 cars behind the mayhem and immediately on the scene to lend a hand. So was someone from Mayor Walsh's office.