Two women shot on Blue Hill Avenue; one dies

UPDATE: Boston Police report the first victim, Dawnn Jaffier, 26, died.

Around 8:15 a.m. at Blue Hill Avenue and Charlotte Street. One woman's injuries were serious enough the homicide unit was summoned. The second woman, found a couple blocks away at American Legion Highway, was grazed to the leg.

A gun was recovered a couple blocks away and three suspects placed in custody.

Police blocked off Blue Hill Avenue and ordered the J'Ouvert parade stopped at American Legion.




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They've been doing a really

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They've been doing a really good job at the parade in recent years. This year feels like it might be a little more challenging.

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What is wrong with you?

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Probably some undiagnosed

..autism spectrum thing. ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, who knows?

The mind blindness and obstinate empathy fail is a tell tale thing.

I'm probably in the spectrum myself but have spent years trying to adjust for it.

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You had better be trolling

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Because if you in all seriousness think your grudge against Mass Equality is important enough to elbow its way into a story about a murder victim you need to get off the internet.

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Come on now

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Who would he talk to then?

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I have a feeling she was doing something profoundly heroic.

If you go over the story and details of her life, she was probably part of the volunteer staff working to advance the parade route.

I don't think it's a coincidence that another shooting happened 5 hours earlier and a short distance away.

She may have known her killer but may not have known about the earlier incident. She probably tried to intervene in something and paid with her life.

She shares something with first responders killed in the line of duty and I hope the city dedicates a park to her or something more substantive like putting as much effort into securing this large and popular event as they do for the marathon.

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So angry

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She was a young woman who had every right to enjoy herself on a public street.She has been my daughters mentor for the past three years and is a beautiful soul.My baby cried herself to sleep over this.So anybody quick to rush to judgement, I hope it isn't your mother,sister,or daughter next time.God rest her soul

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Wow, I like to do my research

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Wow, I like to do my research before forming an opinion and this shooting wasn't anywhere near the Jouvet parade. The parade would have passed by that street 2 or so hours later (about 10am) but since there was a shooting, the Jouvet was apparently stopped 2 blocks before the scene. Please people do your research before passing judgement. I have no ties to although I have in the past been to this event, I really just like to know what I'm being told is factual so I do my research and I had to post once I found that for two days I was told it happened at the Jouvet carnival.

Jouvet starts at Blue Hill and Morton and goes SLOWLY up to Franklin park.

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RIP Young Soul

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I would just like to send my condolences to Dawn's family. I didn't know her personally, but I remember seeing her cheerful face around the halls of O'Bryant. Two years ago we loss three young women from O'Bryant. This saddens my soul. I pray for these senseless acts of violence to come to and end. This could've happened to anyone. RIP Dawn. May god bless your soul.

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