Man shot repeatedly in Dorchester

Stanley Stacos reports a man was shot several times in the chest and shoulder around 8 p.m. at 241 Woodrow Ave. in Dorchester.



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Tougher gun laws

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As in 10 years minimum for illegal gun possession and 25 for gun trafficking, with none of that cutesy "illegal search" stuff. Implement that, and all the gun nuts out there will stop objecting things like universal background checks. Honest law-abiding folks will have nothing against gun control as long as there's effective goon control already in place.

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would seem to be the clear answer to gun control!

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I thought about this the other day, Maybe my idea was a little extreme I would love to see everyone who is in possession of an illegal firearm do 25 to life! at least a chance of parole 25 yrs down the line or something along those lines, because what need does any human being have with an illegal firearm, but to cause bodily harm to another human being? but then your going to have these dumb A** thugs with the mentality well im going to go away for life if i get caught with it anyway let me shoot it out with the cops before they catch me because a lot of them think "I'd rather get caught with one than with out one!"

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Headline gives me the image of a guy who keeps getting shot day after day, perhaps because he has a lot of target appeal. Just can't resist shooting at him !!

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Listen you white people need to SHUT THE HELL UP..... You don't know nothing about the streets or our neighborhood..... Back in the day you wouldn't dare step foot in the HOOD..... Now that some political changes has been happening that last few years..... You feel brave enough to walk these streets and comment on stuff you know nothing about...... I'm not condoning the violence but I understand it......I am one of many brothers trying to make a change in the inner city..... So if you not out on the front line trying to help people change.....SHUT THE HELL UP...... GO BACK WHERE IT'S SAFE......

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You probably don't need me to suggest you're overreacting

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But the comment you're replying to was about the phrasing I used in my headline, not some sinister dog-whistle comment about conditions in the neighborhood (and as for my phrasing, it was just me trying to say "several times" in a different way).

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