Guns come out on West 7 Street: One shot, one arrested with shotgun in separate incidents minutes apart

Around 4 p.m., police found a man shot at 40 W. 7 St. Not long after, a man was arrested for a separate incident half a block away at W. 7 and C streets in which he allegedly pointed a shotgun at some people.



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Again why people need to realize Southie isn't goodie goodie neighborhood to move to


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That area is one of the few areas of Southie that hasn't had the wave of gentrification hit yet. Walk a few blocks and you are in a completely different Southie.

SoBo is big

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my area is completely fine.

2 police chases in Boston

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2 police chases in Boston today and just large brawl guns involved Roxbury footchase suspect in custody according to Staco

D Street. BHA used to throw

families out if there was a pice of trash in front of their door. Now we have criminals with guns coddled and encouraged to reside in these taxpayer subsidized homes. Shot down on A Street Robbed down on B Street Southie used to be a nice hometown.