As students return, woman sexually attacked in Allston

Boston Police report they are investigating a sexual attack around 1:25 a.m. in the area of Pratt and Ashford streets - an area filling with BU students.

Upon arrival, a female victim reported to officers, she was approached from behind by a male suspect and sexually assaulted. The victim further stated she screamed and the suspect attempted to silence her with his hand. As a result, the victim believes the suspect’s hand was injured. The suspect fled on Ashford Street in an unknown direction.

The suspect is described as a white male, 5’10, with a ‘buzz cut’ hair style, medium build, and believed to be in his mid 20's.



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    Thank You

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    Appreciate this "poster" and wish they would put it up all over the place.

    The current college method of double super secret probation instead of calling the police does not work. Laws like California's, recently passed, "Yes means yes" law is a step in the right direction, but I still fear too many crimes are swept under the rug by schools.

    And there is far too much quantified victim blaming:
    "Oh I know you should be able to walk wherever you want and its horrible this happened, but this is a big city and you can't walk wherever you want"
    Often repeated and always wrong.

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    The state recently changed

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    The state recently changed the law to allow defensive sprays to be purchased and carried everywhere (eliminated the statewide campus ban) without permit for all non-felons over the age of 18. Many campuses still have student/staff code of conduct bans on defensive sprays and need to be taken to task for not allowing their students & staff the means to defend themselves.

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    As Freakonomics always reminds us

    People respond to incentives. Colleges are corporations. That they sell knowledge does not place them on a moral plane above BP or Enron or Goldman Sachs.

    They have a financial incentive to not let the word spread that their female customers are being sexually assaulted by their male customers. So, you end up with scumbag institutions like Northeastern, where the money has gone to their heads, and they have the campus kangaroo court deal with rape accusations instead of the real courts in our community.

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    Yeah except

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    this doesn't sound like a "campus rape." This sounds like one of the many previous attacks in that area by an outsider looking to prey on undergraduates who are easy targets for assault and theft.

    It is an equal problem, but has a very different solution.

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    I'm sorry, what?

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    Scumbag institutions like Northeastern? As compared to whom, exactly, BU? The same BU who's hockey players were on a rapey bonanza not 18 months ago? Or the BU that the individual who sexually assaulted this person likely attends?

    Or maybe Emerson College, that's currently being sued for it's handling of sexual assault complaints?

    If you want to call out a single institution as a "scumbag," you better have something to back it up. As far as I know, Northeastern is not currently being sued, investigated or publicly criticized for it's handling or rape cases. BU and Emerson are.

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    The description

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    was for a male in his mid-20s. Which means he's likely too old to be in school since most people graduate at 21-22.

    I lived in Allston for years, there's plenty of men in their 20s who are very much not students anywhere and yet cause a good amount of crime that somehow gets attributed to students (say, assaulting people, stealing, breaking into apartments, fighting, shooting, stabbing, dealing hard drugs on the street) simply because they're the same age. They are two very different populations.

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    Walk down Ashford Street

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    I lived in Allston for years too. PLENTY of crimes in the area are certainly attributable to students. Take a walk down Ashford street on a weekend night. Or go to any bar in Allston village. You're going to tell me that those drunken brawls aren't 90% college students? Spoiler alert: they are.

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    Would you were rather be right...

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    or safe?

    I know everyone should have the right to walk home and you know, not be raped / assaulted / etc., but, being right and saying "Every woman, or man, should be able to walk wherever they want, whenever they want, without risk of being raped or robbed," is giving the rapist / perp too much credit.

    Obviously the attacker couldn't care less about the victim's well being and all who are on the innocent side of the situation saying "this is the way it should be" isn't going to keep anyone safe.

    Criminals are, and will always be, opportunistic predators.

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    This is clever...

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    but I don't think those who rape really care, one way or another.

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    Yeah, but maybe the guys who

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    Yeah, but maybe the guys who are watching him ply a girl with drinks or take a girl who's passed out into his room will read something like this and think "hey, that's wrong" instead of "hey, Sully is getting laid."

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