Three shot in Dorchester drive-by

Ed Baur and Kevin Wiles report two women and a man were shot outside 24 Westville St. around 5:30 a.m. by a guy who fired on them out of the sunroof of a black Nissan.



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catch a bullet by ya hand

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Good morning america.would u like a bullet with your coffee..its getting a little crazy...

Spoken like

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A for-profit prison employee.

I suggest you read the constitution before declaring yet another police war on more people.

2 women is this true

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how come they can see a expired tag but no one ever see a person get shot i get a ticket for 105 dollars but yet and still cops see the plate but never see no 1 shot not fair

Because the tag is visible on your car

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On the other hand, how do you expect the police to divine which car has been involved in a drive by? Should they be stopping all cars and searching everyone for guns that have been used recently? Constitutional issues aside, I've learned in this past month that certain groups of Americans don't really care to be stopped randomly all the time.

That remind me. I need to put my new sticker on my license plate.

Not sure what you're getting at

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The Vietnamese family I know in that area who owns a hardwood floor business often is getting up at 5:30 for work. So is the Cape Verdean family I know who drives their kid over an hour to an autism school before heading to work themselves. I checked their facebook pages and a few other people's and it doesn't seem to be anyone I know, though it was still someone's child, someone's sibling, someone's neighbor. Prayers to all involved.

Hey Adam

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I love your site, but your comments sections are starting to get really "YouTube-y"

Maybe old You Tube.

When Guggle launched Plus, it tied all platforms together AND tossed the anonamids.

You have to provide Google with a cell phone number and a few other basic id proofs to play.They also required you to use your actual name for a while but have relaxed that recently.

They got sick of the same things Adam is probably tired of like spam and obsessive vindictive nut jobs and at a planetary level it gets expensive to let those tools chow bandwidth.

It has made a huge user experience quality and points the way to a system with a far better 'signal to noise' ratio. It undermines the early web assumptions that are so prevalent here that you need to hide behind something to participate rather than owning what you say and do.

That is why it is also better than Facebook, Linked in and other closed platform social media. The stuff I put up to promote land conservation and related things can be accessed by anyone, anytime and anywhere.

It's kind of an unintended consequence problem. Adam tries to practice an impressive level of tolerance but takes it on the chin for all the moderating time he spends on the thing that could be better used elsewhere. This makes the place more susceptible to being a hangout of last resort for all the sociopaths that are gradually getting squeezed out of the system.