Woman grabbed by neck, dragged into alley off Huntington Avenue near Wentworth

Photos from BPD.

Northeastern University Police say the woman was walking down Huntington early this morning when the man attacked her and dragged her into an alley next to 578 Huntington Ave.

Police report the attacker fled when the woman screamed and nearby security officers arrived to investigate. Boston Police were called around 4:20 a.m.

The suspect is described as black, in his 20s, 6/2" and 180 lbs., clean shaven, with a muscular build. He wore a gray hoodie and dark sweatpants with boxers underneath. He fled toward Brigham Circle.

Both Northeastern and Boston Police are investigating.

Via Brian D'Amico.



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    What's the over/under on when the first victim blaming post will happen?

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    You mean like...

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    "The Northeastern University Police Department would like our community to remember that there is safety in numbers. Whenever possible, especially during late night and early morning hours, walk in a group or with others. When in public, avoid the distractions of a cell phone or ear buds and be alert to your surroundings. The Public Safety Escort Service is available for your use on campus and additional information on the escort and shuttle service may be found at www.neu.edu/publicsafety."

    Not victim blaming but how to avoid possibly being a victim.

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    So, now common-sense tips on

    So, now common-sense tips on remaining alert and aware of your surroundings is "victim blaming?" Oh, come on.

    Also, no one said this woman was walking with her earbuds and phone when she got attacked. She had the wherewithal to scream, which scared away her attacker. I'd say that she was pretty street smart already.

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    Seems to be a yearly

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    Seems to be a yearly occurrence by different suspects on that block.

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