Mugger preys on Northeastern students near Ruggles station

Northeastern University Police report that two students were mugged in the area of Albert and Ruggles streets between 9 and 11 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday.

In both cases, the attacker approached the students, struck up a conversation, then demanded their valuables.

Although no weapons were shown in either incident, the suspect indicated he had one.

Northeastern University Police say they are stepping up patrols in the area.

Yesterday morning, another Northeastern student was attacked on Huntington Avenue on the other side of the Northeastern campus.



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Hispanic male with diamond

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Hispanic male with diamond earrings, clean cut, white tank top, grey shorts. Courtesy of your friendly area security. He was last seen running by Tremont. We have been stepping up patrols due to these vermins fervent love of robbing clueless students

They need undercover cops, or

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They need undercover cops, or cops posing as students in Ruggles, things get pretty shady over there.


Police response

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Rest easy - the police were there, doing (or, more accurately, standing in formation and not actually doing) bag checks at Ruggles at 5 yesterday

It baffles me

how that station and the area around it can always be so sketchy considering its location. Between NU police, MBTA police, and BPD, why are there not more patrols? Clearly there is a need.

According to the MBTA,, there have been 23 crimes at Ruggles this year between 1/1 and 7/31, including 12 assaults. Add these 2 and we're up to 25. There were 29 all of last year.

I went to grad school at Northeastern from 2011-2013, and had mostly night courses. I always opted to take "the long way" on the Green Line when I was leaving, because Ruggles at night, no thanks.


It is laughable.

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How have they not cracked down on / cleaned up Ruggles in all these years? I was in college 10 years ago and it was just as bad. "The sketchiest station with the cutest name. RUGGLES!"


Mark Belmore

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was murdered about a quarter-century ago for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Oh, and being the wrong color.

In contrast, I am finishing

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In contrast, I am finishing up my undergrad at northeastern, and lived on Columbus for a while. Even working late nights at Snell, walking home after midnight, I never once saw anything sketchy. Sure, crime happens there, but the station itself doesn't seem any worse than any other urban public place.

Neither me nor any of my friends were ever victims of anything occurring at Ruggles, and I have absolutely no qualms about walking through it at 1 am.

tl;dr Ruggles is not nearly as sketchy as you're making it out to be.


I frequented the lower busway

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I frequented the lower busway, as a regular rider of the 43, 47, and CT2. I also frequently used it as a shortcut over to Columbus, rather than walking all the way through the station concourse.

Still not very sketchy.


Well the fact is

crime at the station is rapidly outpacing last year's rates, while just about every other station on the Orange Line is trending downward. Forrest Hills is the only other one with as high of a mixed crime rate, as Oak Grove is skewed by a high number of bike thefts.

I did say the area around there as well, not just the station. I had a GF that lived on Columbus for a while, and I was never a fan.

tl;dr: Data.

I don't dispute your data.

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I don't dispute your data. Just the conclusions you draw from it. The station itself and the immediate surrounding area are perfectly fine, and mostly consists of students. It doesn't start to get questionable until past Tremont.

I lived on Columbus and thought it was very nice and convenient. Never had any issues, and it was very handy to have Ruggles right there, plus walking home from downtown at night was an easy straight shot down Columbus.

I would consider the crime rate there as somewhat random, and somewhat an artifact of the sheer number of people who go through there, between buses, the orange line, the commuter rail, and all the pedestrian traffic.

"The station itself and the

"The station itself and the immediate surrounding area are perfectly fine"

That is not even true. The Alice Heyward Taylor housing project right across the street is home for many crack dealers, prostitutes, gang bangers and addicts that would likely account for a fair number of robberies to feed a habit. I know firsthand because I had a few friends that lived there that I would visit. Have to step over a junkie or 2 in the stairwell, dodge a pusher, and try not to step in piss puddles. There have been multiple shootings and stabbings there just this year, 2 incident of gunplay on Parker St right around the corner in the last few weeks, and on and on. I lived in that area also and saw tons of shady things in and around Ruggles station including a number of melee's between thugs right there on the platform, drug deals taking place, etc. It's a running joke really how much criminal activity takes place in those projects and the T station while they are directly behind the BPD headquarters. I'd see it all because I actually enjoy shady neighborhoods at night when things are poppin. There's prb something seriously wrong with me, but that's how it is :P


Ruggles is the jewel of the Orange Line

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Compared to Jackson sq, Forest Hills, Back Bay, Chinatown, Downtown Crossing, but statistically Assembly square station is the safest.

What will replace A Nubian Notion?

Having a vacant storefront, instead of an active and busy convenience store, doesn't help establish a feeling of safety. Has the T chosen a new tenant, preferably one that will keep long hours?

As someone who went to school in that general area

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As somebody who went to school in that general area during the early to late 1970's (i. e. one year at Northeastern University, and for four years at Museum of Fine Arts School), I can attest to the fact that the Ruggles Street area/station, not to mention the entire area, was never a safe place to be after dark. Plenty of people I knew were raped and/or mugged and injured, some quite seriously.

Having said all of the above, the Ruggles Station, imho, is still a place to avoid at night.

So based on your experience

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So based on your experience there in the 70s, it must be sketchy.

Tell us more about how Boston is exactly the same today as it was 35 years ago.