Keytar Bear attacked again?

Our favorite fuzzy musician reports on an incident last night in front of Faneuil Hall:

There was another attack by 2 guys and a girl this time this time they tried to stab me with a knife and they stole from me lm not upset because I realize god gives us problems in order to make us stronger these are the few dollars that l recovered lm hoping my Keytar still works because l used it to defend myself but my Bruins jersey is fucked up and that pisses me off because it had everyones signature tommorows another people.

He adds some people were too busy videoing the attack with their phones to help him.

People suck: Keytar Bear sucker punched in the face.



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WTF man :( Don't hurt the keytar bear!

What is WRONG with people.. really, over a few dollars you're going to stab someone?

And he says more in that Facebook Post

I thought Boston had my back but unfortunately people were video taping with i phones instead .

Really? recording with iphones instead of helping?!? Sad state of the world we live in when recording video for social media (because you know this is where it will end up) is more important than helping someone who is going to be stabbed. WTF?!?!?

The good news is, lets hope it gets out to Social media so the cops can use it to get these fuckers who attacked him.



This is the culture youth have now. They want to be celebs for catching crime on tape instead of stopping it


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This is what I was thinking, it was for World Star.. or they were in on it with the attackers and wanted to record it for some strange reason




You talking about the attackers, cameramen, or the grown man who dresses up like a stuffed animal and plays the keytar?

Keytar Bear isn't stupid

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He's found a way to make a living from his art on his own terms. Pretty good these days.

Again, I agree.

Again, I agree.

I seriously enjoy his stuff, but it doesn't mean the joke isn't funny.

FWIW, even his art implicitly assumes there's something "stupid" about it all, otherwise there wouldn't be a keytar involved at all.

Keytar works for a living

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Keytar works for a living entertaining the public. The costume is no different than a Disney performer. Why insult him for doing honest work that the public appreciates?


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Avoids paying taxes!


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Let's see you play an instrument well while dressed as a giant stuffed animal dickface.

PS. Wally the Green Monster is also a grown man dressed as giant stuffed animal getting paid more than you I assume and he doesn't even play the Keytar.

Who are you all? Superman?

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Who are you all? Superman?

If someone pulls out a knife or other weapon I am NOT running toward them. And you can all talk big, but neither are any of you. Its easy to talk a big game on a message board.

But video taping evidence is a good idea.

Video taping

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instead of calling 911 is actually an ASSHOLE move though right?

so he was getting robbed and

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so he was getting robbed and nearly stabbed to death and people just couldn't help but film and play along? something seems.... off...

What were they supposed to do?

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I love me some Keytar Bear, but all witness reports indicate three attackers armed with knives. What exactly would you like these videographers to do against three guys brandishing blades? At least by taking video, there's a chance they catch the attackers.


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Maybe. but I think safety in numbers.. Most attackers pray on that people won't fight back or witnesses won't help out. There's a term for it that is eluding me, but its when witnesses just do nothing but watch.

But I think if you had several people come after you while you (or a group) were attacking someone else, I think just having more people get involved might scare them off.

Duty to Rescue

Interesting bit from Wikipedia (take it for what it's worth, I didn't feel like reference chasing):

In the United States, as of 2009 ten states had laws on the books requiring that people at least notify law enforcement of and/or seek aid for strangers in peril under certain conditions: California, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin. These laws are also referred to as Good Samaritan laws, despite their difference from laws of the same name that protect individuals that try to help another person. These laws are rarely applied, and are generally ignored by citizens and lawmakers.

Yet our law enforcement and city agencies are very diligent in making sure we don't have any rogue hot dog carts and protecting the invisibles lines of bar patios like they're protecting the border.

Also made me think of this:

"might scare them off"

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There's a saying among people I know who practice martial arts with knives: in a knife fight, the winner goes to the hospital. You don't just wade into a knife fight hoping to win the day with harsh language and noble aspirations.

Apparently at least one

Apparently at least one of the bystanders did call the cops, per KTB's Facebook feed:

Did something happen to you tonight at Faniel? I was walking by around 7pm and saw you speaking to the police....I hope you're okay!!!

Right - while Keytar Beari knifed until he bleeds out?

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There are people with balls in life and there are people who are tourists but really just belong in the level of Hell where apathetic undecided. Yea, better to video record a man being stabbed - with the possibility of his dying instead of picking up whatever object was available and banging it on the head of an assailant. The people with knives were cowards as most petty criminals are. They are parasites looking for opportunities to suck the good out of people. As soon as they realized they would be the victims they would have run.

There is too much sideline cowardice and not enough plain bravery. Not heroism, not "Put this guy on the news and give him a parade," but just basic humanity (which the assailants no longer possess) to help out a human being who someone is trying to kill!

I know this may seem a

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I know this may seem a difficult concept to grasp these days but even the most shopisticated smart phones all have a certain capability besides video recording, the ability to make phone calls. How difficult would have been to punch in three lousey numbers?


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Maybe the "evidence" video's will show a large crowd of video taping citizens yelling.

"Stop!" "Leave him alone!" "I'm calling the police!"

We'll just have to wait and see I guess.

Change of venue?

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With the way things are going for him, KB might be better off moving to DOWNTOWN CROSSING!

7pm on a Tuesday?

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Seriously, WTF? I could see late Thursday, Fri. or Sat., but 7pm Tuesday?

Bear needs a dog for protection.


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A. Winter doesn't stop crime.

2. Cretins? Did you really use the word Cretins?

I was there

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Keytar Bear,

I was there, I was the guy on the motorcycle. I ripped the guy off of you when it first started. I choked him until he was limp. People pulled me off of him and told me to go away. As I got back on my bike and started to drive, I saw it continue. I noticed that nobody else was helping though. I tried, and I thought it was over by the time I let go of the guy. But yeah, I weaved through traffic and drove my bike into the square to get him off you. I'm surprised nobody else came to help. Hope to see you back on the streets though, you're a legend here.