Woman shot in LoPresti Park in East Boston

Around 11:20 p.m., in the arm and foot.



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East Boston is quickly

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East Boston is quickly becoming Boston's newest toilet bowl , its sad to say!
Lived in Eastie close to 55 years , and let me tell you , it's not getting any better.
Police sirens running rampid almost every day & night, shootings, the only people who were doing the shootings in my day we're the kids shooting their water squirt guns.
And they want to build Luxury condo's near LoPresti park, What are they, soft....

But in reality...

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According to BPD stats, crime has actually decreased in East Boston year over year and East Boston has actually been ranked pretty high on the list of safest neighborhoods in Boston (we recently ranked number #4 by Jumpshell's analysis of Boston crime data.) Yes, there was a bout of gang related violence and shootings at the beginning of the this year, but it has remained fairly quiet because of the gang raid by the police. Don't over exaggerate, maybe you're just paying attention more than before – and keep in mind, 55 years ago (and even just a decade or so ago) we didn't have social media, 24/7 news, and hundreds of media outlets, lots of things went unreported the media or unnoticed by the general population.


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Not sure where you read that but East Boston is NOT Boston's 4th safest neighborhood. Back Back, Beacon Hill, Charlestown, Westie, Rozzie, Allston/Brighton, North End, and debatably even Southie are all safer than East Boston. I agree though, East Boston has definitely seen a decline in crime over the years though.

Something is up with the

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Something is up with the crime rate stats when you consider it against the fact that shootings are up as well as the current opiod crisis.


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The So. End was over run by crime and gangs, people continued to invest in the neighborhood and they turned that neighborhood around!! A beautiful place to live. This is what Eastie should keep doing!!

No but yes

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I wouldn't necessarily say East Bostons becoming Boston's newest "toilet bowl", but I will say that I'm not convinced in the slightest bit that East Boston's the next neighborhood to gentrify as a lot of people are saying.

Gentrify "People are saying"

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Gentrify "People are saying" the only way to rid crime is to increase property values and rents is that what your saying, population in Eastie is about 35,000, low income households still out weigh the gentrifying crowd. It will take at least 40 years for Eastie to be fully gentrified and become a Charlestown or Southie, the reason why Charlestown and Southie don't occasionally have shootings like Eastie what where recently seeing is because low income people with criminal records can't afford to live in such communities like Charlestown and it significantly reduces the crime statistics.

Allston, Brighton, and

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Allston, Brighton, and Roxbury will be tony before Eastie simply because of accessibility.

Not everyone like the air traffic overhead either.

That's pretty funny

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Have you noticed what's happening along the East Boston waterfront lately? And have you noticed how there's a T stop right in Maverick Square?

Multiple definitions of accessibility

You can walk or bike from downtown Boston or Back Bay to Allston or Roxbury. It's pretty much impossible for Eastie. So, if you want to stay out past midnight, Eastie is not for you.

Yes, Eastie is for me, now

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Yes, Eastie is for me, now that we have Uber we can easily go through the tunnel after midnight without worrying about hailing a cab and hoping that the cab driver will take us to Eastie.

Having moved to East Boston

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Having moved to East Boston recently from the mission hill/ south huntington area, it certainly gives the impression of a safe area. By that I mean it seems your less likely to be the victim of some petty crime like mugging or the like. Not sure about the gang related activity but it seems doubtful that your average person minding his/her own business would be at much risk for being shot in LoPresti Park. I definitely feel safer walking at night in a lot of east boston where there are families and permanent residents vs. a high concentration of temporary drunk idiot vulnerable college kids.

common occurence

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The shootings in this area among other gang and drug related activity is an everyday occurrence, and it is most definitely due to the fact that a large majority of Maverick Landing is a housing development; with that being said, that does not mean that ALL Maverick Landing residents rent through housing, and it is also does not mean that all the housing residents in the Maverick Landing community are welcoming of this behavior. Unfortunately, I see it all the time since moving to this area of East Boston and whatever is being done to curb this behavior is quite frankly, not enough. The new park is already being overrun by trash and needles, the drugs deals, arguments, stabbings and shootings; even last night after this happened, an argument started on Liverpool street and the cop that was there, just sat in his car and did nothing. I have not seen an increase in patrol, and if you honestly think that you would be "safe" walking in the park after dark, think again. There have been multiple occurrences where stray bullets are going through residents windows, so it is a pretty safe bet to say someone could get hit, even if they aren't partaking in any of this behavior. It won't stop either, building up a nice new building and raising the property values are not going to miraculously make this nonsense stop, the residents are fearful to be more forthcoming with information because they fear retaliation or in some cases are even part of the problem by enabling their young adult children to continue with the type of lifestyle. Some of these shooters are barely 13, it is a shame really. There is a serious need for intervention to stop the spread of violence in our community along with many others, enhance patrols, and keeping lights on in the park after dark every night may help, but keeping kids safe and giving them the opportunity to grow into a positive member of society by having the building blocks of a solid education is the real starting point, they push these kids through school and drop funding for programs left and right. What happens next, all of the above. Sad state of affairs.

This can be easily avoided

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Just put up a No Guns sign at the entrance to the park. Perhaps one of those fancy ones with a gun surrounded by a red circle, and spray paint a red line through it.

Obviously, I hope the victim is OK and makes a full recovery.

Better idea, get the Cayote

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Better idea, get the Cayote from belle isle marsh and bring the Cayote to Lopresti park area and let the Cayote be in control.

What shootings???

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There have been several shootings over the last ten years. Usually late at night and usually between teens. Hardly an everyday happening. Call 911. There will be 3 patrol cars on scene within minutes. If you want ot live in a neighborhood safer than eastie you should probably move to Lincoln.