Woman found dead in East Boston garage

Boston Police report they are investigating the death of a woman found with "traumatic injuries" in a garage at 54 Princeton St. shortly before 9 a.m.

The woman was in her early 20s, police say.




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10 comments for a dead moose

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10 comments for a dead moose in Belmont and none for a dead woman in Eastie. I love this site!

This isn't a competition

It isn't as if some divine entity will be bringing either back to life based on which one gets the most comments.

May the lady of the garage rest in peace, and may her family find closure, if not comfort.


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Maybe GOD won't bring either one of them back, however we must still take look at the fact the people respond to an animal death than to a human.

No, it's just stupid

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You people are complaining about a lack of comments on a story about some poor woman (may she rest in peace) turning up dead.

OK, put your money where your mouths are. Tell us what you think. And explain why you think that way even with absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of who she was or why she died (unless your thoughts consist of the same tired drivel based on no facts whatsoever about what this says about East Boston; I admit it, I won't approve those).

Enough already with the concern trolling. If you have something to say about this poor woman, say it. But cut the faux moral superiority. It's not very becoming and it certainly doesn't help anybody come to terms with what happened.

Over on the Eastie Facebook

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Over on the Eastie Facebook pages it is all we are talking about. Not many of them wander over here...and not many other people from outside of the neighborhood come here for anything other than the airport.

Yes. I have a rarely-used

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Yes. I have a rarely-used fake name facebook profile but with Facebook's unremovable "rapists you may know" sidebar I find the site just too toxic to use, and it's unspeakably sad that I'm being excluded from my own neighborhood just because I dislike one site.

Am I "us" or am I "them"? I live here but apparently unless I'm FB bros with everybody I may as well not even exist.

I also think there is a fear

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I also think there is a fear of saying the wrong thing, especially when the facts are so sparse.

I'm an Eastie resident and homeowner and landlord, I'm about as invested as one can be both personally and financially, and this horrifies and bewilders me, and I REALLY wish the community wasn't so committed to its facebook clique (some of us refuse to book the face for ethical reasons, especially those of us in technology), but what can I say based on the available information? "That's sad?" I should hope such platitudes go without saying.

Anything more personal would depend on information I simply do not have, so I'll keep my yap shut until I learn more. I should hope, especially as a young local woman, I don't need to go out of my way to demonstrate that I think violence in my neighborhood against my own cohort is Not Very Nice.

Just because I'm not performing outrage for the internet's benefit doesn't mean I don't feel it.

This is really weird.

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The fact that this poor woman was found dead in the garage, with traumatic injuries due to unknown causes practically defies belief. Here's hoping that the family of this woman gets some closure regarding what really happened to her.

Su Taraskiewicz

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I'm still praying they find out what happened to her. May the family of the victim in the garage not have to wait so long for justice.