Police: Prowler pepper sprays cops, swings on rope from Allston roof to try to escape, punches man

For the second time in less than 12 hours, Boston police officers confronted a roof-running suspect. But this one was armed with pepper spray - and used a rope to try to escape from the roof he was on into a third-story apartment, Boston Police report.

Police say that about 11:40 Sunday, officers responding to a break-in call at 19 Saint Luke’s Rd. Inside the apartment, police say, they found Fabio Armelio, 39, of Medford, whom they immediately recognized due to a lengthy record that includes 20 active warrants and a predilection for trying to resist arrest.

When they moved in to apprehend him, Armelio, not only refused to comply, but he took off running, dropping a police scanner as he scrambled up a stairwell leading up to the top floor of the building and a ladder that would enable him to gain access to the roof. As Armelio climbed up the ladder, officers grabbed a hold of his legs to prevent him from gaining access to roof. As officers did their best to prevent the suspect’s escape, the suspect pulled out a canister of mace and sprayed both officers square in the face. Freed from the officers' grasp, the suspect was able to escape to the roof. Once there, the suspect, using a rope, swung from the roof into a third floor apartment where, once inside, he physically assaulted the tenant by punching him in the face. Officers chased the suspect into the basement where, after a lengthy physical confrontation during which the suspect continued to resist arrest, the suspect was finally taken into custody.

Armelio was charged with two counts of breaking and entering, three counts of assault and battery on a police officer, armed home invasion, armed assault in a dwelling, resisting arrest and making threats, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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    It would be nice if a judge

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    It would be nice if a judge could make sure this career one man crime wave stayed locked up for more than five minutes.


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    I think this is the same guy the MIT Police were warning people about about last year. Apparently he had been breaking into classrooms after hours and assaulting anyone who tried to stop him.

    What pic?

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    There's no picture of him.

    Linked photo

    In the second comment below the original post, it says "Picture." There's an embedded link to a photo there.


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    The only thing missing is a description of his supervillain costume.

    20 active warrants........C

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    20 active warrants........C'MON!!! Do society a favor a lock him up for someamount of time

    I'm disappointed in you all.

    Connor: You know what we need, man? Some rope.
    Murphy: Absolutely. What are you, insane?
    Connor: No I ain't insane, Charlie Bronson's always got a rope.
    Murphy: Whaaaat?
    Connor: Yeah, he's always got a lot of rope strapped around him in the movies, and they always end up using it.
    Murphy: You've lost it, haven't you?
    Connor: No, I'm serious.
    Murphy: That's stupid. Name one thing you'd need a rope for.
    Connor: You don't fuckin' know what you're gonna need it for, they just always need it.
    Murphy: What's this 'they' shit? This isn't a movie.
    Connor: [picks up a large knife from Murphy's bag] Oh...Is that right, Rambo?
    Murphy: All right, get your stupid fucking rope.
    Connor: I'll get my stupid rope. I'll get it. There's a rope right there!

    Wait, did he bring the length

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    Wait, did he bring the length of rope for any unforeseen situation, or was it pre-positioned rope?