Man stabbed in the Fenway

Around 5:30 p.m. at Park Drive and Agassiz Road. Sgt. Lucas Taxter at District D-14 reports the wound did not appear too bad.



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What's up with Stanley Staco?

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The tweet about this crime included @Stacos. But for about a week now, @Stacos has been closed to only people with twitter log ons. Does anyone know why Staco has done this?

Was wondering the same thing

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Was wondering the same thing myself. Pretty disappointing. Don't want to make a twitter account just to see his tweets.

One more

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3rd stabbing - there was one near that gas station recently. My daughter lives nearby so I take notice. Wish the police would take notice also

no further information

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The worst part is that when these stabbings happen in this area, there is no further information from police or the city.

Was this drug related? Attempted Robbery? Domestic Violence?


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I feel safe in that area during the day. Maybe I shouldn't?