Detail cop foils West Roxbury bank robbery

Boston Police report an officer working a detail prevented a man with a long record of not being very good at bank robbery from robbing the City of Boston Credit Union on Spring Street this afternoon.

Police say Richard Cassano, 51, currently of Dorchester, but formerly of Roslindale, parked his car behind the credit union shortly before 4 p.m. and then walked in wearing a mask and carrying a bag.

Unfortunately for him, a detail cop was outside and spotted him up to no good, police say:

When the officer observed him enter, she instructed him to remove the mask to which he responded, “You give me your gun…” The officer declined and instead repeated her verbal commands to the suspect. After a brief standoff, not knowing if a weapon was inside the bag, the officer ripped it out of the suspect’s hand at which time he fled on foot out of the bank.

She watched him jump into his car and race away. She radioed for help, jumped in a captain's car and they caught up with Cassano at Spring and Baker streets, police say:

As the officers approached the suspect vehicle, he immediately opened the driver’s side door and put his hands in the air at which time he was taken into custody without further incident. It was later determined that the suspect did not possess a valid driver’s license and the car he was operating had been reported stolen.

Cassano was charged with attempting to commit a crime, attempted robbery, receiving stolen property and operating without a license, police say.

His arrest comes five months after he was arrested on charges he robbed a bank in Cumberland, RI.

In 2014, he was ordered to spend a year in federal prison for violating parole on a conviction for robbing a bank in Middleborough in 2002. The order to report to federal prison came after he was arrested for trying to steal a car from Norwood car dealership.

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Here's an individual whose prospects are bleak. He's apparently not very bright, and he made some very bad decision as a youth that started his long criminal record. He will probably not be offered a job, ever. Probably doesn't qualify for any kind of welfare. When he needs money, his only option is crime, and he's not good at it. His future is full of increasingly-long stays in prison, until he dies. Sad.

I agree

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You got it right. It is sad, because he won't get help, and would have a hard time just getting a crappy job and enjoying a meager life outside of prison.

God Bless Our Police

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God bless this female detail officer and all of our police. Great to see a Captain was also in the area. It takes a lot of study time to get promoted and often a Captain (who has already been promoted to Sergeant and Lieutenant) is considered a "bookworm" who is not on the streets. Great job by both. Hopefully if the bank is FDIC insured, the feds will take the case as our state courts are very lenient.

What already?

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Arrested 5 Months ago and already out and committing more crime. Stupid or desperate maybe,But that's when other people are most at risk. Given his history the Judge that released him appears to lack the most basic common sense.

Career Criminal

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This guy has robbed bank numerous times. He did time for robbing Bank of Boston in WR in 1991 and just robbed a bank in Attleboro this past March. Why is he not already in jail?

And why do we

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drive in a parkway and park in a driveway?!

This is why Three Strikes was

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This is why Three Strikes was invented. Put him in a cell. Lock the cell. Throw away the key. One man crime wave ends.