Cops investigating gang activity in West Roxbury arrest man with gun after struggle

Pink gun seized in West Roxbury

Boston Police report arresting an alleged gun-toting gang member after a struggle on Centre Street in West Roxbury yesterday afternoon.

Police say gang-unit officers conducting "an active and ongoing investigation" along Centre Street across from the Walgreens around 1:45 p.m. spotted a man "known to them" - and known to be carrying a loaded gun. They stopped him and started to do a pat frisk:

A violent struggle ensued as the suspect made numerous attempts to reach towards the waistband area of his pants. As they fought to gain control of the combative suspect, an officer indicated that he could feel a firearm in the suspect’s pants. With the assistance of an officer working a paid detail nearby who ran over to help, the suspect was eventually placed in custody and a loaded .380 caliber Cobra Enterprises CA-380 handgun was safely recovered.

John Silva, 23, of West Roxbury, was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, carrying a loaded firearm, assault and battery on a police officer and resisting arrest.

Innocent, etc.



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Was he going to a funeral at the funeral home? I guess there is crime everywhere, but that would have been one of the last places I'd expect trouble.

Yeah, that was interesting

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I'll go out on a limb, though, and venture that the funeral home isn't the locus for the "active and ongoing" investigation but that's where they caught up with the guy and because, oh, I don't know, there isn't a specific address for Billings Field there.

No clue

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But more likely than at a funeral home, I'd think.


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Billings Field does not have a gang or drug dealing issue. I live right next to it.


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Back in 1998. The city intentionally opened up the space behind the tennis/basketball courts in the mid-2000s with a wider and well-lit walkway area to get rid of the teens that used to hang there to do/sell drugs and get into fights with groups from nearby projects like Beech St. Yeah there could be nefarious activity still there, but it seems less likely than it would have been a decade or two ago.

Pink is my new obsession

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I was going to ask why the guns seem to be at least partially pink recently. Are a portion of illegal gun sales going to the Susan G. Gunmen Foundation for the Cure?

Hornady Ammunition makes pink

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Hornady Ammunition makes pink ammo line where a portion of the proceeds are donated to breast and ovarian cancer research.

I'm not kidding. Google image search it.

Doubtless stolen

Stolen from the houses of women who bought pink guns to support breast awareness or something. These are only remarkable because of their color; lots and lots of the un-pink guns are stolen, too.

Remember, it pays to advertise! If you tell people you have guns, with your NRA sticker or humorous threat sign, the passing burglars will notice, and make you their next gun donor.

Maybe, maybe not

I went poking around the net the last time one of these pink guns turned up on UHub.

The makes and models that come in pink are typically marketed to women based on their small size, which makes them very easy to conceal.

There was one review where they guy said he liked his black one because it was small enough to discreetly holster when wearing light weight summer clothing.


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It should have a Hello Kitty logo on the side.

One silver bullet?

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Was one of the people he was going after a werewolf?

Wow, you were right!

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I thought a silver bullet was for a vampire, but the Internet has proven me wrong, and you correct!

Traditionally a silver bullet is supposed to kill a werewolf. Vampires are not particularly affected by silver bullets. Traditionally what kills vampires is a wooden steak through the heart.


I think the only wooden steaks you're likely to find are the ones in restaurant menu illustrations. In fact, I'd stake my reputation on it. I'm not sure how you'd drive such a thing into a vampire's chest, even if it were particularly well-done...

Ok, I'll be THAT guy...

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The "silver" round in the photo is just an aluminum casing. For hunting werewolves, the bullet itself would need to be made of silver instead of lead ;)


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The Lone Stranger. Hi Ho Tinfoil - Awwwaaaayyyyyyyy!