Officer breaks up armed-robbery attempt at Roslindale gas station; suspects on the run, his gun goes off

Boston Police are investigating an armed-robbery attempt at the Alfa gas station at Washington and South streets tonight by three men who apparently fled on foot when a Boston officer arrived on scene.

WBZ reports the officer's gun discharged accidentally as he chased the suspects. The officer was taken to the hospital for observation.

Police are searching backyards between South Street and Forest Hills for three blak men: The gunman,who had a medium to large build and wore a blue jacket with a black ski mask, a blue hoodie, and black pants - and who had a pronounced limp; a man wearing a black jacket with a gray hoodie with long strings hanging from the neck and light bluejeans; and a man wearing a blue North Face jacket with a white or gray hoodie and bluejeans.

Washington Street was shut to traffic on either side of the gas station, although MBTA buses were still allowed through.



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It really seems like they get

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It really seems like they get more than their fair share of trouble, doesn't it? :( Wonder if there's something the police can do to help deter trouble.

I assume

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Like most gas stations, corner stores, LQ's and even some take-out places in problem neighborhoods, they'll be installing bulletproof glass and an exterior cashier draw to keep people from entering the store.

Saw three BPD SUV's flying

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Saw three BPD SUV's flying down towards Washington St. around now I know what the fuss was all about. Hope they catch these scumbags.

I took a bus through the area

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You had the feeling something was up when you saw police walking in a line across the gas station area looking down. Feelings were confirmed when you passed the line of TV cameras by Staples.

Glad no one was physically hurt.

Slightly amused that a

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Slightly amused that a context aware ad from Amazon on this page is pushing North Face jackets. No ads for hoodies though.

"Pronounced limp" and still outran the cop?

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Kudos to the police for trying to apprehend, but if a "medium to large" fellow with a pronounced limp can outrun the cops perhaps an exercise program for the men in blue is in order?

Unless the gun had a

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Unless the gun had a mechanical malfunction, that wasn't an accidental discharge. It was a negligent discharge.