Police: Man stabbed in luxury condo in the Theater District that doubled as a pot warehouse

Pot and money

Boston Police report an investigation into how a man turned up at Tufts Medical Center with stab wounds early this morning led them to a condo at the Residences at W Boston, 110 Stuart St., where they found fresh blood and what turned out to be 30 pounds of marijuana and various tools associated with its sale

Police say officers were called to the Tufts ER around 3:30 a.m. and then went over to the Residences a couple blocks away, where they found a 512-square-foot condo on the 23rd floor with "blood spatters" as well as owner Daniel Asher, 32, who was arrested for assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon.

Officers froze the residence and returned with a warrant allowing officers to search for the weapon used in the crime. As officers processed the scene, they observed in plain view a large quantity of marijuana, paraphernalia consistent with the sale of marijuana, and US currency. Further investigation led officers to recover over 30 pounds of marijuana and approximately $22,000 in US paper currency.

Asher then had a charge of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute added. He is scheduled for arraignment on Tuesday in Boston Municipal Court.

Innocent, etc.



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legal pot

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I guess some people can't wait till 2018 when pot for sale will be legal in Massachusetts.

Drug War = Socialist Jobs Program

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what else are a bunch of meathead males going to do? we need to keep them busy even if it means making up jobs for them.


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...they have so many other options.


I guess this answers that whole "who are we building all of these luxury condos for?!" question.

In All Fairness

The condominium is in the name of his Daddy who set up the purchase as a gift trust in 2012 with a private mortgage to themselves.

Makes you feel good, doesn't it?

buying weed in Boston

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there are mobile weed places like this popping up all over the place. Places were you can get really good stuff and a lot of variety of products. nice apartment buildings and fake storefronts. People are going to start robbing these places very soon. They are basically single spots with large amounts of weed, oils, edibles, vaping cartridges etc there is usually a large amount of cash on hand also. I go visit one of these guys and I recently witnessed him carrying in a large suitcase so they seem to be mobile operations but there's a lot of money moving around. Mark my words something bad is going to happen before the state stops dragging their feet and it's available legitimately.

Drones? "Undercover" armed

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Drones? "Undercover" armed transport? It will be interesting to how things play out in the future with this new enterprise. I guess having something people want will always put you at risk for getting robbed, so legality doesn't change that.

It will

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It will change a few things. I bet robbers are at an advantage, and get brazen, if the robbed can't report the crime because what was stolen was illegal. So I suppose everyone arms themselves. I think that could improve under the new law. On the other hand, people who got used to a fat pay-days from their illegal dealings will be looking for new ways to fund their lifestyle. Many aren't going to be have the tax record, verifiable funds and credit to get a license and go legit. It should worry us a bit to think of what they'll turn to next.


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"start" to get robbed? Have you been in a cave with your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears for the last 50 odd years? These "fake storefronts" as you call them have been known as "stash spots" or "crack spots" for many years. A place where drugs are processed, like baking up crack rocks, is known as a "kitchen." I will refer you to early 90s gangsta rap albums as a tutorial on usage of these terms. Oh, and they have been getting robbed for as long as idiot dealers have saw fit to conduct business in these places, letting people see what they have. Some punk at Northeastern was killed, rather bloodily, a few years back in such a scenario.
Notorious BIG -Ten Crack Commandments:
#5 Never sell no crack where you rest at, I don't care if they wanna ounce, tell em bounce!

...applies here, this commandment was broken, now this guy has time to think about it. These violent robberies/intrusions have been going on since the days of alcohol prohibition.
Regulated legalization is the obvious answer, but someone somewhere makes more money from it being illegal, otherwise it'd be done already. Right now our fearless elected leaders are trying to decide who makes the money, and how much money they get, so we should be able to walk into a store and buy pot sometime in the 2020s, if the feds don't shut it all down in the meantime. Until then the violence will continue, which is fine. When you mess up running a business it fails. When you mess up in a criminal business the failing just causes more collateral damage. Hopefully this is a lesson to others to be a bit smarter in their approach so everyone stays safe. The 30 lbs will be replaced in mere hours, once the next FedEx truck from California arrives in MA.


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Where are these places? I'd like to know... you know, asking for a friend :-)

Same Old Same Old

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It's pretty hilarious, or, to use an overused word, ironic that they "cleaned up" that area of all the bars, strip clubs, porn establishments etc and put up luxury condos, only to have basically the same kind of thing happening.

W Hotel

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wasn't there a similar incident several months back - A party broken up by staff only to find a stash?