Man shot to death on Gallivan Boulevard in Adams Village

UPDATE: WBZ reports it might have been road rage.

Around 4:15 p.m. outside the McDonald's at Gallivan Boulevard and Granite Avenue, possibly in a drive-by. Boston Police report the man was taken to Boston Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

He is Boston's seventh murder victim this year, and Dorchester's fifth.




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    Helicopters overhead in the

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    Helicopters overhead in the neighborhood. They are triangulated over Ashmont Hill. Must be looking for the shooter.

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    If it's plural ...

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    It's probably news copters getting some footage for a story about the shooting.

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    I can see that at least one is news. Commissioner Evans said at the scene that the perpetrator is at large. Shots audible from Lucy's and shooting obviously witnessed by many at that busy intersection.

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    I bet there are a bunch of

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    I bet there are a bunch of witnesses, fingers crossed! It takes so much time to get through that intersection at that time of day. I don't understand how the other car got away so fast. But, if bullets were flying I'm sure people didn't stay too close.

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    Anon comment deleted

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    Something that became worse than not funny after we learned the victim had died.

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    Because ...

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    The comment was up long enough to Garner several replies, so I wanted to let those folks know why their comments had disappeared as well (the way the software I use works is that when you delete a comment, any replies to it get deleted as well).

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