Two dead in South Boston penthouse; police shoot suspect

Outside the murder scene

Outside the murder scene. Photo by Nick Pizzolato.

UPDATE: Boston Police identify the suspect as Bampumim Teixeira, 30, of Chelsea; say the victims were a man and a woman in their 50s.

Around 8:40 p.m. in an 11th-floor penthouse unit at the Macallen Building at 141 Dorchester Ave. Cheryl Fiandaca at WBZ reports they were bound and had their throats slashed.

Police and residents say officers arriving on scene to investigate a disturbance found themselves shot at by a man in the unit; they returned fire, hitting him several times. He was then rushed to the hospital.

Police ordered residents in both the MacAllen and a neighboring building to shelter in place as they conducted a floor-by-floor search. Broadway and West 4 Street were shut.

At 10:10 p.m., police lifted the order for the neighboring building, but kept the Macallen locked down. Not long after, Broadway and West 4 were re-opened to traffic.

The unit in which the two victims were found is a 2,000-square foot condo valued at $2.1 million, according to city records.

This is the second violent incident at a Boston luxury condo this year. In February, a man was stabbed at the Residences at the W Boston on Stuart Street.




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That was a pretty taste less comment and While I'm sure management isn't thrilled, there's at least one if not more families in mourning. Furthermore a murderer could be on the loose. That would be a better point to make....


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Didn't this happen at the W a few months back as well?


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Getting older, need these reminders

Busy Night

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Braintree T station shut down, passengers evacuated after a Braintree officer was shot at Motel 6

Yes, that's true, but ...

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Not in this case.

UPDATE: WCVB reports the officer was shot in the face, not arm, but is expected to survive. The guy who shot him was found dead inside the motel room.


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Looks like West Broadway to me. I hope everybody is o.k.

Channel 4 just reported that

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Channel 4 just reported that two people in the penthouse at 141 dorchester were tied up and had their throats cut. Police reportedly shot the suspect. I live on that corner and have seen numerous ambulances drive by with sirens on, heading down west broadway to the east side. It also looks like every cop in the city who isnt in braintree, is in southie right now. Maybe police are just being overly cautious, but it sure seems they are looking for someone else.

Not Southie

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Look at how the Macallen Building advertises itself.......Broadway Village, Seaport, the Edge of South End and Fort Point. Get it straight, less the Yuppies may stop buying in Southie.


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When we heard the throats were slashed, I told friends it sounded like MS-13 since they're famous for it. The Southie luxury condo part was the only thing that seemed odd. Bampumim Teixeira, 30, of Chelsea is now the suspect which makes me more confident than ever.

Condolences to the victims. The backstory on this will be interesting, including why they were targeted and who called 911 so quickly that he was still in the apartment.

Interesting it would happen on the same day the other local MS-13 guy was arrested. The "Colombian Necktie" with throats slashed and tongue damaged is trademark MS-13 brutalization of informants.

2+2 doesn't usually equal 5

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You're letting your biases get ahold of you again. If you were really familiar with that group, you'd know that around here they concentrate on terrorizing poor kids of Central American origin, not people in their 50s living in $2-million condos. Plus, they're from Central America themselves, and there just aren't that many people with Portuguese names in El Salvador.


-- You're letting your biases get ahold of you again. --

-- they concentrate on terrorizing poor kids of Central American origin, not people in their 50s living in $2-million condos. --

*Who* is biased?


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I don't profess to covering every last thing concerning MS-13, but why don't you look at what I've written over the past couple years and compare the number of stories involving the police commissioner and the local US Attorney addressing the issue of MS-13 and high-school kids with the number of stories involving them addressing the issue of MS-13 and 50somethings who live in luxury condos.

MS-13 suspect in high school at age 31?

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I have read your material Adam, including something a few hours before the double murder about an MS-13 suspect (aged 31) facing federal charges. Is that 31 year-old in high school?

I suppose it's possible since I believe the Lynn School officials report that they are regularly forced to take undocumented, non-English speaking men, with gray hair and beards, into 9th grade.

By the way, MS-13 is just as active in Portugal as they are in Chelsea, so spare me the "it's only high school kids from Central America' nonsense.

What bias is

-- but why don't you look at what I've written over the past couple years and compare the number of stories --

Basing a deduction on what *you* have written would be biased. I do agree they kill many teenagers.

Contrary to your assertion that MS-13 concentrates on terrorizing teenagers, MS-13 does in fact concentrate on running their illegal, loosely affiliated, empire at a profit. Terrorizing teenagers is not a profitable business model. MS-13 terrorization of teenagers *is* quite apparently higher than normal in regards to global organizations, but I tend to believe that is because they recruit heavily at that level and come upon many obstacles that are best solved by violence and murder. Raising a teenager is hard enough for a parent. Imagine keeping them in line in criminal mode when you got the feds breathing down your neck.

A simple google search shows that murders of young people by MS-13 are sensationalized and murders by MS-13 of older people are comparatively mere blurbs and exponentially lesser reported. I would be willing to guess they kill way more adults than kids but the adult murders are boring, newswise.

Yes, they run drugs

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In any case, the fact here is that MS-13 was not involved in this murder, no matter how many people ignorant of the difference between Central Americans and people of Portuguese descent wish to think it was, so if you wish to carry this conversation on, let's wait for the next MS-13 story I post.

Show me where MS-13 has been

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Show me where MS-13 has been indicted, charged, or convicted of killing professional adults in nice homes in the United States. Go do a search on the FBI website. I'll wait....

My money

Is on the boogyman in cahoots with the red under your bed. The Tooth Fairy is their cover.

Ughhhhh....No. THIS IS NOT MS-13.

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No, the Columbian necktie is not a signature of MS-13. That is a myth. Method is usually via luring a victim to a park and stabbing or beating them about the face and body. Or, simple gunshot wound. MS-13 also does not "hit" people in their own homes. You are also assuming MS-13 because the female is Hispanic. A Hispanic doctor living in a luxury condo is not an MS-13 target. Please get off MassLive and read some actual informed research.

Judges soft on crime

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I'm sorry, did I read this correctly??? "Just released after 9 months for 2 bank robberies"?? In MA, an individual with a criminal past recently robs 2 banks and he only has to serve 9 months? Was the justification for his short sentence was due to that he wasn't carrying a deadly weapon and he's an underprivileged refugee immigrant?

Can someone tell me who the judge's name is? I think it is time to create a watchlist on the judges who think their ultra-liberal policies are better for society.

I am someome who does have sympathy for non-violent drug dealers clogging up our prisons doing hard time but the type of person that robs banks need to be locked up a lot longer than 9 months.