Woman attacked on East Boston Greenway

Karen Zgoda posts an account of what happened to her round 9:30 p.m. yesterday on the East Boston Greenway near the Y:

Saw a skunk and turned around and the man was there. I was startled and started walking back towards home and he came up and kicked my backside HARD. I started screaming as loud as I could and hitting him with my water bottle and he ran away. I walked to the Massport cop at Piers Park and reported it to them and BPD. He did not take anything before he ran away. I am sore but OK. Please be alert as you are walking outside and NO MORE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.

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Can't think

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of a more inappropriate place to use the "p" word, Will.

What do cats

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have to do with being attacked? Nothing.


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this is relevant...why?


I'm wondering whether the relevant authority (Massport or whoever) may have left a gate open that is usually closed at that hour. That would be especially a problem if only *one* gate to a normally-closed area was left open.

I believe the summer hours

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I believe the summer hours for the gates are longer than winter. Plus fate or no gate, if someone wants to do harm, they will find a place to hide.

Greenway gates

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The gates are supposed to be locked at sundown by Massport police on the parts they patrol - which means the new part connecting Constitution Beach to Neptune Road and then the well-maintained part from Neptune Road to about Porter Street. The end gates are shut on that section (Bremen Street Park) while the middle gates that provide through access from Brooks Street to the Airport MBTA station are open while the T is in service (they have chains blocking the trails that lead down the rest of the closed park).

The last stretch of the Greenway from around Porter Street to Marginal Street is open to the world and maintained/patrolled by the City of Boston. There's access at Gove Street and at the end (Marginal Street). From her description it sounds like she was walking from Bremen Street Park (by the YMCA end) onto the City of Boston part when the altercation occurred. Which is where there have been a few assaults at odd hours (once when I arrived at the Y at 7ish in the morning, an assault had just occurred and there were police everywhere). Disturbed folks, drunks, assholes and combinations of all 3 states in one....watch out for them. She seems to have handled herself well. People at risk for assault should probably carry mace/pepper spray if they're going to be walking around solo (and gte appropriate training, licenses, etc.).


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you ask logical questions of state govt. silly you. I have no idea. But at least at this point of the year that means it's open pretty damned late.


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How about no more violence against anyone? It's not like if she were a man it'd be acceptable to kick him in the backside either. I don't know that her being a woman made this guy more likely to kick her. However, I'm sure that's an assumption people are willing to make.

I'm not even sure why he did it other than he's probably not right in the head...which would lead me to believe that he would have kicked anyone in front of him at the moment because he was in some way out of touch with reality. This just seems more like crazy than misogyny from the limited telling of it we have.


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Yes, yes, and ALL LIVES MATTER, right?

I think what the OP was trying to convey was that women are disproportionally attacked, whether by sane or crazy people. Perhaps this particular guy would have also kicked a man; we'll never know but it's kind of besides the point.

I wasn't clear

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Sorry, I wasn't trying to put forward any data of my own. I was guessing at what the OP was thinking and saying.

I know the #1 rule of UHub is don't you dare share any facts in the comment section without at least one citation to a peer-reviewed source.

assuming you are a man..

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I can guarantee you, 100%, that when you leave your house alone, you don't have to go through the same mental checklist that a woman does before she leaves her home.

ps, this has nothing to do with murder, but assault in public by a stranger. in that case, who do you think is more vulnerable?


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I'm glad you're okay. I would just choose to make people aware in a way that might be more clear.

Keep on

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Oh, it wasn't REALLY an attack ... blah blah blah.

Tell it to 4Chan.


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You have nothing to "choose": it's not your story, it's not about you. Let it go.

Reads like a lame novel

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Not passing judgment on the young lady and her account of what happened. Hopefully they catch the sicko who did it. Those first few lines though remind me of a couple bad books I've read before.

Not passing judgment but...

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...you're gonna make a judgy irrelevant comment.

(you may not be passing judgment, but you're passing something...)

Actually I didn't

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I didn't pass judgment, I made a statement about something minor. If I disputed her story, that would be judging.

These words... I don't think

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These words... I don't think they mean what you think they mean.

Judge: Form an opinion or conclusion about.
Dispute: A disagreement, argument, or debate.


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Reads like a lame novel

Is not judgmental in any way? At all? Are you certain about that?

Next time I get physically

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Next time I get physically attackednor sexually assault d, I will try to make it more entertaining for you. For acknowledging my response to your jerky post, I want you to share this news with other women you know in Boston in the hopes that they will be warned of any attackers lurking in parks.

Woman attacked

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I'm curious where this happened. Was it on the Greenway near one of two blue emergency call boxes? If so, why would she have to walk all the way to Piers Park for MBTA cop? There are us
usually cops by the T station near the Y. It seems like a long way to go to find a cop. I wonder exactly where this happened. I walk my dog along that path several times a week.

It's possible

she just used the wrong park name.

The Y is essentially IN Bremen St. Park, which also has a Massport Police substation. If she went from the Y to Piers Park, she would have had to walk all the way down that "gauntlet" that leads to the waterfront, and then 3/4 of the way down Meridian. Also pretty sure Piers Park is gated at night.

Regardless, I hate seeing stuff like this happen, and hope they catch the creep.

Specific place

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It happened on the portion of the Greenway between Gove St. and Porter St. On the trail it was between the water fountain and the bridge with the mural on it.

That makes sense

Wasn't doubting the account itself, for the record–the initial "near the Y" made me think of Bremen St. Park and the station over there.

Glad to hear nothing worse came of this, and it's great to see what you're doing to get a class going. I'll talk to my GF about signing up.


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Just wanted to say you rock. I'm sorry this happened and I so appreciate how you defended yourself.

If the self defense class is the free RAD class that is put on, I've taken it a couple of times. I'm not planning on signing up, but if you need help get to 10, let me know and I'll do it. I think it's important.


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We are up to 26! Keep 'em coming!