Man charged with sexually assaulting a woman at South Station bus terminal

Steven Bova

Transit Police report arresting Steven Bova, 64, on a charge of indecent assault and battery at the South Station bus terminal around 8:45 p.m. on Tuesday.

According to Transit Police:

As she was plugging in her iPhone to charge she was indecently assaulted from behind by a male, later identified as Stephen Bova, 64, of Boston. The victim further informed the officers Bova was still on scene and seated upstairs in the terminal waiting area.

Innocent, etc.



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South Station was once a jewel!

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Now it resembles a piece of coal overrun by thieves, junkies, drunks and punks. If the Transit Police can't get control of the station send in the MSP who will get the job done.

Oh, Come On...

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I am in the place every day, five days a week. I have taken trains out as late as 10:30pm. This place is not "overrun" by "thieves, junkies, drunks and punks". Yes, from time to time, you will have incidents like this but it is not the norm.

South Station

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Not to mention South Station is much better than it was even a few years ago in terms of food/drink and other offerings. The addition of CVS was great.

South Station was once a hole

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My first trip was around 1980. It was horrible. Last summer I was routinely using the South Station toilets while on long runs. Trust me, 2017 South Station is a palace compared with 1980 South Station.


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of men preying on women. We must stop this!!!