Girl, 8, shot on Heath Street in Jamaica Plain

In the area of 154 Heath St., around 12:10 a.m.

UPDATE: NBC Boston reports the victim is 8. She is expected to recover.



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What's an 8 year old doing up outside at half past midnight?

Yes, let's not blame the victim. But if you live in a neighborhood with crime problems, ain't anything good going on after 10pm. Plus damn, a child that young shouldn't be up that late regardless.


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Yet, somehow, blaming the victim (or her parents) is exactly what your comment is doing. Thank goodness she's ok.

Not at all

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It's 100% the fault of the douchenozzle shooting up the neighborhood.

Young children shouldn't be chilling out on city streets past midnight, because it's both not safe and probably not great for the child either. Hell, this goes for the burbs and rural areas too.

Both are very true statements, and the later isn't blaming the victim at all for what occurred in this instance. It's good proactive advice that more people should follow.


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School's over. It was a Saturday night and she and her mother were out visiting with friends. I could see that happening when my son was that age - you are all out visiting, time gets away from you, it's a lovely summer weekend night...

This could have happened at 9 pm or any other time you'd consider "acceptable" for her to be out. People have been hit by stray bullets at all hours of the day or night. Our neighborhoods should be safe for families to be out at all hours.

Not true

Middle class white people on a summer Saturday night will bring their kids along to visit friends, go to family parties, visit Grandma and grandpa and go out to dinner while grandma, grandpa and kids hang out, attend fireworks displays, etc.

I know that we did. I know that our friends did.

I doubt that anyone would be so OMG KIDS OUT LATE if the family car was plowed by a drunk driver.

If the kids like playing

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If the kids like playing sports, what's wrong with that? Studies show that kids who have consistent sleep patterns do better in school.

Read for comprehension

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1. not school time
2. when my BIL worked swing shift, his kids were consistently up until 1am and slept to 10am. They are productive adults now.

School's not out

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In Boston school goes thru Wednesday. Go back to suburbia.

I'm sure the gun fired itself. People don't shoot people, guns alone are responsible.

Another question

Who lets you touch a keyboard and pass judgement on the parenting of others? When it sounds like you don't even have kids?

You sound like that MarkkkinArl asshole that Adam booted - the one who blamed the parents for the drunk and reckless driver who ran over two kids playing on the sidewalk in a neighborhood during a family party.

There was a kid who was hit by a bullet IN BED not to long ago. Oh, but I bet you would blame the parents for putting the kid to bed too early? Go bite yourself.

Who lets you touch a keyboard

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Who lets you touch a keyboard and pass judgement on the parenting of others?

Right back at you

Do you have kids?

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It was a nice weekend night. Yes, kids need their sleep, but they're also very good at making that up the next day - which was also not a school night.


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When I was 8, my bedtime was 9pm during the summer. Maybe the millennials are more lax now with their parenting. I'd give the parents a pass on this one.

Don't listen to these white libs, black moms

They make excuses for you, meanwhile their kids are up at 720 on Sunday doing math worksheets. As soon as they pop the kid out they are thinking activities for college/jobs. They will happily kick your kids' ass of color in the SAT and feel woke the whole time.
Put the kid to bed and get some sleep yourself. The kid needs you.

I'm seeing your point. It's

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I'm seeing your point. It's one thing staying past midnight at nana's or letting the kids run wild at midnight in a safe suburb backyard but inner city life is much different. It's just a whole different ball game and unless you've lived it you wouldn't know.


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If a drunk driver crashed through a fence and hit a kid at midnight, would you guys be so judgy about the parents?

I know Heath St and the surrounding neighborhood well

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Having lived a good chunk of my childhood there. This shit has been going on since at least the 1970s. It was very bad when I lived there in the 80s. 99.9% of the violence and crime can be traced directly to Bromley Heath projects or whatever the name du jour is these days. And yes, I was in the area as recently as a month ago.

And I'm white and grew up in a non white majority neighborhood back in the 80s and 90s.

Whelp, I live there now, and

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Whelp, I live there now, and for the past 24 years. It's not worse than anyplace else--you see what you look for.


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Murder isn't very common in his life.

He lives there. I'll take his word for it.