Police: Man opens fire on cops, who arrest him without returning the favor

Boston Police report arresting a man they say shot at gang-unit officers at Deering Road and Wellington Hill Street in Mattapan about 12:35 a.m.

Police say the officers were pursuing a guy who had passed them on a scooter and had just made a U-turn:

While approaching the intersection of Deering Road and Wellington Hill behind the aforementioned scooter, officers heard what sounded like a gunshot and came under fire from an individual standing on the sidewalk. Officers promptly observed a black-non Hispanic male with his arms fully extended in officers’ direction. Believing that this was the individual responsible for the gunfire, officers immediately exited their cruiser and gave chase. While running behind the suspect, officers repeatedly instructed the suspect to drop his weapon. However, instead of complying with the officers’ lawful instructions, the suspect continued to flee and make every effort to avoid arrest. Officers chased the suspect up and over a fence in the rear of 60 Deering Road where they were able to take him to the ground and into police custody after a brief altercation. A search of the yard enabled officers to recover the loaded firearm used by the suspect to shoot at the officers.

Kristopher Jordan, 30, was charged with assault by means of a dangerous weapon, discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling, unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of a loaded firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition, police say.

Police add Jordan was also charged with unlawful possession of a loaded firearm, second and subsequent offense, which could mean a longer sentence should he be convicted on the other charges.

In 2011, Jordan was arrested on gun charges after a foot chase through Grove Hall.

Innocent, etc.



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Holy crap yet another

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BALLS OF STEEL moment from the men in blue. Name me one other police department of a major city that wouldn't have immediately made this guy a piece of swiss cheese without a second thought.

Bravo, cops. These reports remind me of those Quinn Martin cop shows from the 1970s.


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And imagine doing your job right the first few times, only for someone down the line to screw it up. Thanks to our catch and release Massachusetts courts, our police don't just have to face the unknown dangers, but the guy they've already arrested multiple times. Major respect to these police, and I can imagine the job is quite frustrating to see this go on.

Also imagine...

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Doing your job right and not killing a criminal who gets out because of a lenient sentence and then he realizes how lucky he is to be given a new chance that he reforms his life and you never have to deal with him again as opposed to being institutionalized so badly he screws up as soon as he gets out.

I dunno

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In theory, I agree with you, but since this guy's on at least his second strike, I don't think the scenario plays out in this case. Sorry.

I agree

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I am very proud of the BPD.


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Not all men.

Not all having balls.

If fortitude and courage were exclusively masculine, nobody would ever get born.


My question is, if someone shoots at you and is trying to kill you (ya, it's an assumption) isn't that attempted murder? So, maybe this guy is being a bit undercharged?
"Police add Jordan was also charged with unlawful possession of a loaded firearm, second and subsequent offense, which could mean a longer sentence should he be convicted on the other charges."

Attempted murder of a police officer? Sounds like it, maybe the DA's office is waiting for more info.

Same DA

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Who thinks that pot is a gateway drug and more evil than any of this.

It's legit tough. I'm heading

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It's legit tough. I'm heading to the police academy in a few months so I often ponder how they'll train us regarding stuff like this...

I'm just some idiot on the

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I'm just some idiot on the internet so take this as you will, but I often wonder if the national tension around these issues makes police hesitant to shoot when they'd otherwise be completely justified. It's really easy after the fact to say "see? All solved without firing a weapon" from the comfort of a keyboard, when we have all the facts. There's a lot of "why couldn't you just shoot him in the leg" people out there who do not understand or appreciate the split-second decisions police have to make. Good luck.

Unless you are a complete psychopath ...

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Having to kill somebody in the line of duty takes a toll, no matter how justified.

Not that there aren't complete psychopaths in uniform just looking for that thrill ...