Woman beaten, robbed and kidnapped in Hyde Park home invasion

UPDATE: Arrest made.

WFXT reports police are investigating a home invasion overnight on Enneking Parkway near Gordon Avenue. WBZ reports the robbers dumped the elderly woman at a Mattapan cemetery. She was taken to a local hospital for injuries not considered life threatening.



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Hopefully they got some video of the perps at the ATM.

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Get these bastards and show

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Get these bastards and show their faces, without their shirts pulled over their faces! I feel so badly for the elderly woman. When Amy Lord was forced to take money out of ATMs she was then found killed and dumped in the park. As bad as this case is, thank God it didn't end up like Amy Lord's case.

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Uh oh Adam!

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You just made a lot of women angry by calling them elderly if they are over the age of 59!

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Only insecure women (and men)

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Only insecure women (and men) should have issues of being called "elderly" . Elders are known to be wiser and get a lot of free benefits from the government. It doesn't bother me. Why don't you watch "If You're Not in the OBIT, Eat Breakfast" directed by Carl Reiner and recently shown on HBO. It is an incredible documentary and it will enlighten you.

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So sorry

this happened to the woman. I hope she fully recovers.

But . . . is 59-years-old now considered elderly?

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Headline changed

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No, 59 isn't elderly. The initial reports, however, didn't specify her age and called her that.

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Elderly jokes aside...

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...isn't there a law that if you assault "elderly" individuals over the age of 55 that it constitutes aggravating circumstances?

This may have been the reason for the "elderly" identification.

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Presumably anyone with

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Presumably anyone with information on this violent crime will report it, so these criminals can be caught and locked up before they do it to someone else. Were there any cameras at her house or at the banK? How about fingerprints?

People are saying they hope she's ok but other then the woman who rescued her its likely these people dont really care. Its easy to say hope shes ok but fare more difficult to actually do something. Where were they all when the crime was happening? How is it that such a crime could take place?

Hyde Park is a very unfriendly neighborhood. People dont know their neighbors and the neighbors are not friendly or caring of their neighbors.

Also unanswered was why her. She said she didnt know them so why did they pick her or her house? Age 59 is considered elderly by the city of Cambridge and by the AARP but enhanced penalties for violent crime against the elderly start at age 60. Its unlikely these criminals said lets make sure the person is under 60, and if they were thinking that how would they know she is just one year younger, you cant just look at someone and know for sur if they are 59 or 60

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Hyde Park Neighborhood is a caring community. I have lived in Hyde Park over 60 years. I am sorry for what happened
to her and grateful to the good samaratin who helped her. WE HAVE MANY NEIGHBORHOOD WATCHES IN HYDEPARK
who are there to watch over our neighbors and neighborhoods. We do help the HydePark residents in their needs, after a fire,
Christmas, help to those in need of food at The food bank that is run by volunteers. Our senior citizens are even volunteers watching out for their neighbors . Read your local Bulletin newspapers that will inform you of the programs in
HYDEPARK AND WHERE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCHES. MEET . GET involved and help your neighbors , and we will still be a nice place to live .,

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Suspect sought

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Boston police have posted a picture of a suspect in this violent crime, see http://bpdnews.com dated July 10, 2017. He's a violent criminal so dont approach him yourself but quickly call the police. What isnt clear is why this criminal is on the street at all. Records show he was arrested for an armed robbery in 2014. What happened in that case that resulted him being on the street now?

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