Man sought for alleged ethnic screaming at Ruggles - and smashing a train window

Wanted man

Transit Police report they are looking for this man for an incident at Ruggles on the Orange Line, shortly after 6 p.m. yesterday. Police say the guy "targeted two females based on their perceived country of origin with verbal abuse" and, as long as he was at it, smashed a window on a passing outbound train.

If he looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-222-1050 or text an anonymous tip to 873873.

If found, he could face civil-rights charges and a charge of malicious destruction of property, police say.

The attack is the latest in a string of Orange Line incidents involving possible civil-rights violations this year:



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Why should anyone keep a falsehood in their mind? I ask because you obviously have experience with it.

Righties love to kid themselves that "liberals are just

as bad". But right-wing hate crimes have surged since Trump took office. Given that Trump drew the love of neo-Nazis and assorted other white supremacist neanderthals with his naked Islamophobia, xenophobia and racism, who do you think you're kidding when you try to point the finger at liberals about intolerance in 2017?

Sorry, Charlie, but bigotry and intolerance are Republican brands, and if you're a right-winger, you need to own up to that fact. Assholes behaving like this guy are your people, and Trump has clearly emboldened them.

Yeah, people who hurt the

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Yeah, people who hurt the feelings of racists who attack people and destroy property are the real enemies!!1!

I'm obviously being sarcastic and you are obviously a moron. If progressives are so bad then leave Boston and move to one of the many shit hole red states.

No, we're not

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We are able to distinguish between what you are and what you do. The women he attacked (allegedly) he attacked for who they are (or where he thought they were from). They did nothing wrong. How can you not understand that distinction? Are you really that dumb?

Please define your terms

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What specific people are you referring to by using the term progressive?

Could you also present examples of how the entire set of "progressives" are intolerant. Ven diagrams would help.

How is your comment any different

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from "all black people look the same", or "all Asian people look the same", etc.? If you're hoping to create a better world, your comments should reflect the attitudes you would like others to emulate.

Relax It's Merely An Observation...

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That it's almost like every other orange line story is about some racist person that always seems to:
a: harangue or assault someone
b: breaks a window
[with the opposing orange line stories being about the trains being delayed or not functioning].

See? All just a few weeks or months apart.

The "joke" is that racist white people always say "[insert race or nationality] all look the same", thus the farcical suggestion that it's the same perpetrator each time.

*sigh* Can we retire this strawman already?

First, people CHOOSE to be racists (or conservatives or homophobes or whatever). People don't choose to be black, brown, Asian, gay, etc. So making fun of people who choose to hate, and then act out on that hate, is very, VERY different, and if you can't see that then you're part of the problem.

Second, I think we need to add trigger warnings here for all the butthurt snowflake conservative commenters who go ballistic every time it's pointed out that they are on the wrong side of history. Their sensitive feelings keep getting hurt and I want to help them maintain their blood pressure and their caps lock keys.

I know a guy who's son died in Iraq

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from an IED. Needless to say, he hasn't 'gotten over it' and the sight of anything Muslim,perceived or otherwise, causes him great upset. When I was a kid I remember Vietnam vets who loathed anything to do with Vietnam, and anything that reminded them if it. Old vets from as far back as WW2 and Korea, and people who lost brothers in these wars, unfortunately many hated Japanese and Germans, wouldn't but a Japanese or German car and so-on. Obviously, there are people in the M.E. who hate Americans because of the wars and violence. This is understandable. None of this should be surprising, we're talking about human beings who experienced great trauma. So cool the 'racist' so-called progressive ideological narrative.

It might be helpful to inform readers who don't know that the largest Mosques in New England, one of the largest in the country, is located near Ruggles.

And what about his appearance makes him a typical 'racist'? Because he's an example of the 'progressive' hatred for middle aged white men? He is non-descript, wearing typical so-called business casual clothes.

That's nice, he's still a racist

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He has PTSD? He can get help for that. In the meantime, people have the right to go out in public without worrying about some screaming, violent jerk getting in their faces. If he's unable to control his urges to scream and punch out train windows, let's hope the police find him before he does worse and put him in a place where the rest of us can feel safer, too.

Also, we don't know just what set him off, the police didn't say. And the mosque isn't really near Ruggles - it's at a different stop. Ruggles is closer to Northeastern, which has a lot of foreign students, and not all are Muslim.

So cool the alt-right racist apologia, broski.

That's nice? Say that in person to someone who has experienced

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terrible trauma, and self righteously lecture them to their face, that they needed to 'get over it' and how dare they not be the perfect saint. Be prepared for physical violence and don't act shocked and self righteous when it happens.

I NEVER SAID IT WAS OK TO BE 'RACIST', I commented that some people have experienced terrible traumatic events in lives that never 'get over it'. Doesn't matter who they are, what 'color' they are, what so called 'race', gender, sexual orientation,(did I leave anything out?). I would not be shocked and self righteous if I met a Palestinian who hated Israelis and Jews in general, neither would shocked or self righteous if I met an Israeli or Jew who experienced serious trauma that involved Palestinians or Arabs and hated the sight of them. Likewise, if I was a Jew or anyone who experienced German atrocities committed before and during WW2, I would not be shocked or self righteous if they despised Germans. I would not be shocked or self righteous if a woman who experienced rape freaked out if she saw someone or thing thta reminded her, or that she hated men. I would not be shocked or self righteous if someone who experienced child abuse from their mother or female caregiver and grew up hating women who reminded them. In the perfect world, we should all 'get over it' but the world and human beings aren't perfect and never will be.

The perp in this case hopefully will be caught and appropriately prosecuted.

No, sorry, I don't really want to understand this guy's pain

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Yes, I have talked to people who have undergone terrible trauma, both physical and mental (if nothing else, it's basically a job requirement for being a reporter at a small to mid-sized newspaper, which I was for more than a decade). Not one went out in public screaming at people they don't know.

Yes, I hope this guy gets the help he needs. But, to be honest, I'm more concerned about the trauma he's just inflicted on two innocent people who have absolutely nothing to do with his demons.


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What about the kid down in Braintree who killed himself after shooting a cop? You did want to try to figure out the root of his pain back then, and he did a bit more than shout at someone.

By the way, when I read the headline, my first image was of an old time Roslindale immigrant shouting at someone. You know, ethnic shouting.

Sorry, in this context ...

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Yes, it's good to know how A led to B in general. In this case, however, I was replying to somebody who seemed to be indicating (and if I was wrong, I apologize) that somehow we should excuse the person's behavior and that whatever pain he is suffering somehow is more important to consider than the pain he is causing other people. It's possible to want to know why something happened without making excuses for it.

It's a thin line

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Between explaining why some does something bad and making an excuse for their actions in my view.

On the other hand, the original comment (to which you replied) was based on a lot of assumptions, not the least of which is that the victims were Muslims and/or Arabs (the latter being an ethnicity, as opposed to the former, which isn't.)

Nobody said that veterans

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Nobody said that veterans need to just "get over" their trauma or be a saint. Some people said they should get help if they have PTSD.

And you've provided no evidence that this guy is a veteran.

So it's ok for racists to

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So it's ok for racists to attack people and destroy public property because George Bush invaded Iraq for no damn reason. Got it. Makes complete sense.

Keep blaming Trump, a winning strategy for Republicans

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"Our brand is worse than Trump" -- U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio)

Hate crimes and Civil Rights laws have been around for decades, long before President Trump. For the left to continue to suggest these crimes are something new or Trump-related only further strengthens support for Trump among those who are not racist and wouldn't dream of breaking a train window.

It bears repeating, true conservatives are elated that Democrats lost 1042+ seats since the election of Obama. There is no conservative wave running around dancing on the Democrat grave. In fact, many of the "hate crimes" have been hoaxes by the far left. I might add that anyone smashing a window on a train should be evaluated for sobriety or mental health issues. Unlike the liberals who destroyed Berkeley, I doubt he is an activist.

Fish continues to stink up the conversation

You out-of-context posting of one Ryan statement from a elaborated dialog about how D are perceived in deep red state elections is typical of your horse shit arguments.

It says a lot about how weak your position is when you have to be deceptive as a threshold premise - but then - no real surprise as you have a well established record of lying.

The facts are mounting that Trump used a nation state aid to influence voters in 3 targeted states. The facts are also servicing that his entire image is based on fraudulent representation and often outright lies.

You can continue to hold onto your deluded belief that the GOP represents the interests of the American people but reality is they don't. I am not going to try and sway you. You shall learn in relatively short order that the American people, regardless of political leaning, are much more astute and intelligent than to accept the direction conservatives are attempting to take the country. You and those you support are going to be ultimately flushed out.

You can offer whatever antidotal evidence you want - I trust the wisdom of the average American - not a minority of outliers who attached themselves to political party that is not significantly different than most RICO crime organizations.

Raging all over

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The other week I was in Whole Foods. I reached to get a tag to write the number on a bulk bag. The woman next to me had a cow that I reached from her side. Seemed to me that there was ample space so that I was not in what could reasonably be defined as personal space.

But she disagreed which led her to repeatedly calling me Mr. Trump and eventually shouting all white people are alike.

I'm white, she was black. Sounds like skin color bigotry to me.

Would this altercation have occurred while Obama was President? Probably not. She and I might even have enjoyed a conversation that included discussing gladness that finally a non-white man (still waiting for a woman of course) was elected President. Regardless of McConnell's campaign to destroy Obama, his election did signify hope.

But the election of Trump, the rule by McConnell, Ryan, the corruption by propoganda via the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelman and the cabal of extreme right wingers have created a sense that everyone has to batten down the hatches and push away anyone who is different. It is as though carte blanche has been given to everyone to go from 0 to 100 over the slightest little thing nowadays.

Reminds me of the ethic cleansing and genocide following the dissolution of Yugoslavia. People who managed to tolerate each other for years. But when the loose bonds that supported tolerance among groups dissolved then war, ethnic cleansing and genocide followed.

Is that part of the goal of the extreme right in this nation? Create an environment of fear and anxiety so that the underlying tensions between groups based on differences in skin color, religion (particularly ultra conservative versus main line), economic standing are exploited and exploded?

Then those with wealth and power - which right now seems, at least in the south and middle and western states - is managed by extreme conservatives - will walk in and take over. Trump already threatened to send use the Federal government to take over Chicago. Perhaps he was not exaggerating. I'm sure he would love to appoint one of his sons as mayor of New York.

Nicely put

Trump and his GOP enablers have pretty much passed the shelf-date. What is surprising is how quickly this happened - investigators have more on the Trump Crime family after a month or so than gather about Nixon after a year - similarly, the drum beat on Pence and his mendacity and deception is also rising. Agnew was a fraud and criminal - much of Pence's past and current activities look erily familiar to ol'Spiro.

I hate to say it but this

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I hate to say it but this type of situation has happened to me numerous times and way before Trump was voted in.

why hasn't he been hit

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I have a recording of him following me. I am a female. He boards the silver line bus, and exits at chinatown, disturbing everyone in a different way. Smack him in the face, that will stop him.

I would say he has a mental

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I would say he has a mental illness if he is doing this on the regular to different people. Maybe Tourette's? And obviously control issues if he is breaking windows. Maybe we shouldn't judge him before we know what the issue is.