Two stabbed on the Common

Boston Common crime scene

One of the crime scenes. Photo by David Finnerty.

Around 5:40 p.m., one in the stomach, near the park-ranger station. The homicide unit was summoned because of the severity of that victim's injuries. The area around Brewer Fountain was also taped off.

At least one suspect is in custody.



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Tourists and Troublemakers

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The Boston Commons is a jewel in this city that is a mecca for tourists. Unfortunately the Commons and nearby Park street station attracts troublemakers, druggies and land pirates.


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If you say "Commons," you aren't local. You bused in from Worcester or whatever.


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there are many ways to differentiate between people that actually live in Boston vs people that don't. Some of my favorites are:

- referring to the common as "commons"
- wearing a patriots, celtics, bruins and sox gear
- disdain for anything new york
- believing the north end is still an italian neighborhood and south boston is still an irish neighborhood
- being a die hard boston sports fan

Go Cubs! Go Cavs! Go Habs!

Getting closer to City Hall

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Maybe once something happens in City Hall Wasteland (plaza) Mah'ty will get serious about the outbreak of violence this year.

Cutting the head off gangs with no other plans to deal with the new roaches filling the void ain't such a great idea.

Who patrols Boston Common,

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Who patrols Boston Common, national park police of BPD? I've seen both there in the past. This happened after 5pm. More than a few people have said Park St station is a hangout for na'er do wells. Seems like community policing is in order, no? This part of the Common is the centerpiece of tourism between Back Bay and Faneuil Hall I too want to be able to walk through the park without being stabbed. Davis told everyone not to worry. Ok, why shouldn't we?

I think I was 7, on the

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I think I was 7, on the Common with mom and aunt, running around feeding pigeons when a guy asked me if I wanted to buy acid.

Somewhat ironically, there is

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Somewhat ironically, there is a production of 'Romeo and Juliet' taking place about 100 yards from the crime scene, featuring a deadly street fight with sharp objects between rival gangs.

Not Surprised and Will Happen Again

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These benches are exactly where there is an open air drug market near Park Street station. Last year, a drug dealer was caught here with a loaded handgun (this is in addition to two stabbings here in Jan. 2017 and two other stabbings of park rangers in recent years).

The city needs to stop allowing people to literally live on the Common and turning a blind eye to the drug activity. Obviously consuming marijuana is legal now, but allowing the Common to become a haven for using it has resulted in attracting people whom have shown they are more likely to cause fights and other problems.

Until the police really start doing something to fix these longstanding and well-known issues, temporarily increasing police presence is reactionary and a short-term solution at best.

People gotta live somewhere

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In warm weather, especially, the common is a very attractive and convenient location. Near St. Francis House and a multitude of other places that offer services to the homeless. Plus, drug dealers are readily available.

The city needs to stop

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The city needs to stop allowing people to literally live on the Common

So, arrest people for being homeless?

Or Come Up with a Better Alternative for Them

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Obviously, being homeless isn't a crime (nowhere in the comment does it suggest arresting the homeless); however, allowing the Common to serve as a permanent encampment (for enough people, it is) is not a solution for anyone.

The vast majority of homeless

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The vast majority of homeless people in Boston don't sleep and cause trouble on the Common. We absolutely should arrest the few who do.

Technically, I think the

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Technically, I think the Common and the Garden are 'closed' after 11pm - meaning you can walk through them but you can't camp out overnight. Such an ordinance can allow police to move people along should they deem it necessary.


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Weed is the least of the drug problems on the Common. You can usually find a plethora of syringes by the little league baseball field benches. Just disgusting.

how about this?

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the city should have family camp night on the common every friday and saturday night in the summer.

have people sign up and pay a fee.

droves of families from all over will come. they will over take the common and force the trash out. of course families will expect security so boston PD will patrol the common all night.

tents can't go up until 8pm and must be down by 9am.

a not so subtle form of gentrification!

Good god, get a hold of

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Good god, get a hold of yourself. Weed is not the enemy. There are far more nefarious things happening than "the weed."

It gets better. While Boston

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It gets better. While Boston PD was still processing the crime scene there was a 3rd stabbing right on that corner of grass outside of Park St station. There was at least no shortage of officers present to immediately grab the guilty party (criminal park resident) and tend to the victim (injured park resident).

Escape on the T

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The stabbers tried to make their getaway on a red line train. Great response by the Boston Police in identifying and capturing the suspects and recovering the weapon.on the train. I wonder if the other red line riders who were armed to the teeth with knives, guns and items they just shoplifted were nervous when they spotted the Boston and State Police entering and searching the train cars.

er, wot?

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'I wonder if the other red line riders who were armed to the teeth withknives, guns and items they just shoplifted were nervous when they spotted the Boston and State Police'


No State Police present,

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No State Police present, suspects located by a T cop who was searching with Boston PD