Man sliced in the neck and arm in second Boston Common fight yesterday

Four hours after two men left the Common in ambulances with stab wounds yesterday, a third man was stabbed in an unrelated incident near the same location along Tremont Street the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The victim, 51, was taken to a local hospital with lacerations to his neck, jaw, forearm and hand, the DA's office reports, adding his injuries are not considered life threatening.

Alex Concepcion Garcia, 42, was arrested at the scene on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, the DA's office reports. He had bail set at $10,000 at his arraignment today, at which he was also ordered to stay away from the Common and the victim while his case is pending.

Innocent, etc.



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Reciprocal fractions

Let's say that there's six stabbings and five shootings instead of five stabbings and six shootings. If the number of shootings decreases from six to five, that's a 16.7% reduction in shootings, not 15%.

Depends on how you read it

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If "more" and "less" are relative to some other town as opposed to more or less shootings and stabbings than each other, then who knows what the percentage would be.

Something needs to change at the Common

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I'm not naïve. I'm the first one to point out that back in the 1980s the Common was sketch, but when things got bad there was a reaction. Those who are camping out at the Common need to go. The BPD need to have a physical presence where these fights are breaking out to establish order. Yes, yes, those who are not resorting to physical violence and intimidation will probably be swept out, too, which stinks, but the Common needs to be cleaned up.

Pretty sure the people

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Pretty sure the people camping out in the common are not the ones causing the problems. Get you're facts straight first.

But here's the thing

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You can't say, after the multiple stabbings, that there is not a problem stemming from the people who are constantly congregating on the Common. As I noted in my comment, there are most likely a lot of good folk there, but there needs to be a reset.

Hot times in the city/round up the usual suspects

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Three people stabbed and the one arrest is the guy who got stabbed while swinging a skateboard. Train service was delayed as three other individuals were dragged off a red line train and arrested but later released. I'm shocked that Tito hasn't accused Marty of being soft on crime and the police of racial profiling for removing and arresting the individuals on the train. I wonder if the MBTA will release the video of the arrest.

That Mooch guy sure likes to swear

this is what I learned while trying to find any coverage of the latest Common stabbing from Globe, Herald, WCVB, etc. Does the Mayor have any concern whatsoever about the situation on the Common?

Are any of Walsh's staff here listening?

It sounds like "Marty Takes A Walk in Boston" needs to be a weekly feature of his official calendar. Start with the Common and Washington St., but weekly walks in all the various smaller neighborhoods and squares would be good for the Mayor and good for the city. Get locals to walk with.

Think of it as shoeleather surveillance.

But with an actual walk

That's a great start. Does he get out into the neighborhoods themselves - to see what is there to see (including weeds, community gardens and private hedges, broken sidewalks, lovely murals ... and graffiti, etc.)?

This sounds more like "talking about parks while sitting in a park".

There's a lot that you can see at lower speeds and when out in the open that you might miss from a motor vehicle. You're a runner - you know this.

He walks as much as his predecessor

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Who saw a lot while being chauffeured around. The coffee hours are a time when the average resident can come out and talk to the mayor on their turf. Sadly, you suburbanites only notice them when the press wants a soundbite on an issue and goes to them.

That said, he did send staff to walk every street in the city to see what needs attention, and I'm not sure of you are aware but the City of Boston has a means for citizens to offer input on things like graffiti and broken sidewalks. That's how I report unshovelled sidewalks in the winter.

He does also do the typical visit to an area after some violent incident, but I think everyone, the mayor's office included, knows that the best thing is to get out thee before these things happen.

No media coverage without a press release...

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The days are long past for the Globe, the Herald and the TV stations sitting 24/7 at Andrew Square listening to multiple scanners and sometimes getting to crimes and fires before the authorities. These days, the media is happy to be spoon fed whatever City Hall and Schroeder Plaza wants to give them. Adam is far more knowledgeable and frankly, more interested in local news than the others.

In fairness, I believe I was watching live coverage of the first Common incident on WBZ-TV ch. 4 when police and ambulance started arriving for the second incident and the reporter noted it appeared a new crime was happening.

how much of this can we

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how much of this can we attribute to the shelter on long island being closed and the downtown area cracking down on vagrants? i swear all the junkies and homeless are being funneled into the park by outside forces.

that stretch between park street and the statehouse is a powderkeg of scumbaggery.

Downtown Crossing Is Just As Bad

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Try walking in the other direction from Park Street through the Downtown Crossing area. There are a lot of people with nowhere else to go and many of them end up sleeping and / or getting high in the doorways of the businesses that line Winter and Washington Streets. The area in front of the Santander Bank on Winter Street is especially bad - on any given night, there's a large group of people sitting there doing needle drugs.

The whole area is in such a state of decay, and if the city is doing anything to change that, then whatever it is is not enough.

Police presence

I walked through at 10:30 and 12 last night. At 10:30 there were 2 squad cars near Park St and a motorcycle cop at Winter and Washington and other at Washington and Milk. When I went trough there was no cops, although there were a lot fewer people. There was a sleeping setup in front of Santander and at least one person sleeping on the grass in the Common.

Lack of Police Presence

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There was heightened police presence each of the two days following the stabbings. Last Saturday and Sunday, none to be found.

Violence in Boston

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At what point do we hold our leaders responsible for the terrible violence of shootings and stabbings in Boston this year, starting with the Police Commisioner who seems a nice enough guy with good intentions, but it's results that matter. Mr. Mayor? What say you? What are YOU doing about your city?