Man charged with murder at Jamaica Plain psychiatric hospital in 2015

Boston Police report arresting Hameen Edwards, 41, of Dorchester, on charges he killed John Duggie, 50, of Framingham, at Arbour Hospital, 49 Robinwood Ave., on July 2, 2015.

Police did not specify details of the murder, except to say hospital workers "found Edwards kneeling over the victim Duggie who had suffered a wound to his head." Duggie died a month later, police say.

Edwards, arrested yesterday afternoon, is scheduled for arraignment Monday, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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It's a subsidiary of one of

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It's a subsidiary of one of the largest for-profit behavioral healthcare providers in the country.

I'm aware of who they are,

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still doesn't answer why our government(s) don't crack down on them. And, public mental health facilities are also scandalous.

Despite safety issues, if you

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Despite safety issues, if you closed them, it would cause a huge crisis...

"The four facilities have a combined 363 psychiatric beds, representing more than a third of the state’s staffed beds in psychiatric hospitals, according to the State Center for Health Information and Analysis. Arbour is a for-profit company and the state’s largest provider of mental health services."

Severe mental illness is a...

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...difficult thing.

I wasn't in the severely disturbed wing at Arbour, but I was locked in one of the three psych wards at that very same hospital a few years ago. Unlike McLean, my psychiatrist at Arbour correctly realized my illness was full-blown schizoaffective disorder, not post-traumatic psychotic depression. By being correctly diagnosed, I was able to make (and continue) a partial recovery. McLean was more comfortable, but the doctors there thought I was too functional to have schizophrenia. Arbour knew better.

I am not apologizing for the horrendous for-profit that owns and administers Arbour. I am not apologizing for the dickhead psychiatric nurse who mocked me for cutting my arm "like a teenager" (until he realized why I was cutting myself).

But Arbour saved my life. And it saved a lot of people I know. It is hard to demand it be shut down, when it seems like that's scapegoating a hospital for the government's indifference.

Thank you

Thank you for sharing your experience and insight. I certainly hope you are able to sustain your recovery, and when possible, share your perspective on mental illness issues here on UHub again.