Police say man jumped behind counter at Franklin Street bank, took money, then bicycled away

Wanted man

The FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force has released photos of a man it says robbed the Webster Bank branch at 100 Franklin St., around 4:45 p.m. on Aug. 9.

According to the task force, he jumped over a teller's counter, grabbed money from drawers, then ran out - but was later spotted on a bicycle.

If he looks familiar, contact the FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force at 857-386-2567.



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Told you so!

This should end all of the bike flame wars once and for all as it's clear the anti-bike folks won. First the bicyclists ignored stop signs and ran red lights and now they rob banks. It's just like how gay marriage turned into me being allowed to marry my dog.

You going to pay for that

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You going to pay for that useless and futile exercise?

Like a bank robber would bother anyway.

Why are cyclists so opposed to

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accepting a basic responsibility that every other vehicle owner - and yes, a bicycle is legally a VEHICLE- has to? Could it be because they are afraid of no longer having anonymity when they choose to ignore traffic laws because "but I'm not harming anyone."

But that's the mantra of the bike lobby - Give us more and more specialized infrastructure and laws that benefit us. But require us to register our vehicles - we'll get out the torches and pitchforks.

Just back from Amsterdam

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That place is friggin' bike nirvana. But even there, things are different. Something like 70% of commuters bike to work. The bike garages are immense! Not one person wears a helmet. The bike paths are wide and everywhere. AND they don't have or need license plates.

Sure, bikes are vehicles. No argument. But what is the benefit of creating an expensive governmental organization to create and run the registration of bikes? It won't cut crime or make it easier to nab evil bikers (that bank robber's plate wouldn't be legible, even if he had one.) It will deter casual bikers ("I have to get a plate?") and make criminals of the many people who just wouldn't bother.

I wouldn't have a problem with being charged $30 a year to register my bike if there was a real societal benefit. Registration would provide no such benefit.


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It is stupid. That's why.

Please document any possible societal value to justify the cost and try again.

Note that we ALL pay taxes, not just drivers in your response.


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every MOTOR vehicle owner


Bikes don't rob banks,

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Bikes don't rob banks, criminals on bikes rob banks! Take away bikes and only criminals will have bikes!

I don't mind

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if you marry your dog, as long you don't reproduce. There are limits. The next thing you know people will be marrying their bicycles.


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There are robbers out there. Banks just have to stay out of their way.

Presto, Chango?

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So he robs a bank, then removes his jacket and shirt and puts on a new shirt, removes one hat and replaces it with a different one, ditches his sun glasses and then is "spotted later" casually biking around. That guy on the bike looks like every other older man who rides (myself included!) Unless there are other unstated details that we weren't told, the idea that "it must be the same guy" seems quite far-fetched.

But but but

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He's wearing a Red Sox cap. NOBODY else in Boston would do that, so it MUST be the same guy.