Police seek videos of Theater District brawl early Sunday

Boston Police are seeking videos and photos from a "a large fight" that erupted at closing time outside the Cure Lounge, 246 Tremont St. around 2 a.m. on Sunday.

If you'd rather help the cops than Worldstar, send them to [email protected].



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OK I'll bite

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If you'd rather help the cops than Worldstar

What does that mean?


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When will enough be enough with this douchebag magnet? The city needs to shut this place down!

But have you been on a wednesday?

Cure is packed for what once started as gay-latino-night but has transformed into just a gay night. The only issue I've ever had with Cure is running into my ex because it's tiny. I work right across the street too!


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Gawd, Im glad I don't work down there any more. I managed the Charles Playhouse a number of years ago, and would get done about 2am on Friday and Saturday nights . The streets around there are nuts at 2 am when the clubs let out and hundreds ()thousands) of drunk club kids are released on the streets. I'd hide in the building until 3am when the streets have finally cleared. it just isn't safe for a sober person on the street at that hour.

this is why the idiotic 2am

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this is why the idiotic 2am club shutdown needs to be scrapped!
The clubs could then slowly empty out throughout the night.

Bars and clubs should stop serving alcohol at 2am, but let people dance the drunkenness away, instead of forcing them out at peak party hour into crowded streets.

same with faneuil bars

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They release the floodgates all at once and it's like a drunk douche convention.

This fight was most likely

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This fight was most likely what led to the fatal shooting later on in the night at the parking garage down the street. In case you were wondering why BPD would send detectives to investigate a bar fight.