Two shot, one dead in Theater District melee


WFXT reports two men were shot, one fatally, in a fight outside the Cure Lounge on Tremont Street shortly after 2 a.m. on Sunday.

Boston Police had earlier asked the public for any photos or videos of the brawl during which Michael Miranda, 28, and a father of two, was shot, but had not mentioned the gunfire.

Miranda's sisters have posted a GoFundMe page seeking funds to create a foundation to promote peace in the Cape Verdean community. They add:

He didn't deserve to die. he was a great guy and a great dad.

He meant everything to us.

Our brother was trying to defend a friend after a robbery, when a group of men decided to shoot two innocent people in close range.

They ended Michael's dreams, but he has fueled ours.

We loved him so much, we as a family decided to Baptize Mikey and pay his love forward by choosing to donate his organs, so that we may one day meet the people he will save.

To date, he has given 8 people a chance at a new life and more time with their loved ones.




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If he was a great Dad why is he out at 2am, in a dangerous section of Boston.


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Think of how many cops are there specifically to keep trouble from happening on weekend nights.

And so what if he went out for a night? Trust me, no matter how good your kids are, every so often you just need a break. And why are we blaming him for his own death?

What?! A grown man can't be

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What?! A grown man can't be out celebrating with friends at 2am in downtown Boston? I can't even wrap my mind around why you would say these things.


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Because he was an adult and has the right to be out at 2am if he wants too. And downtown Boston is now a dangerous part of town?

I didn't know him but I do know some of his family, they're really good people. Condolences to all them.

Please don't be like that.

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Please don't be like that. Most of us adults go out at night, it doesn't mean he went out every night, and even if he did, at 2am his kids are probably asleep! He was a young man, clubs are where young people go.


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What about the people who work at the club - think they are bad people because they are out late working to support themselves and their families?

Great dad!

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How dare you say "he if he was a great dad why was he out at 2am?" Ummm so great parents cant enjoy themselves. Sick sad people like you are the reason why the world is the way it is. God bless you though. No one deserves to die

Whoever u are let me guess

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Whoever u are let me guess god kuz u never done anything wild in your life throwing stupid shade anybody can do that on the internet clown shoes

I’ve taken the liberty to

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I’ve taken the liberty to translate this comment for those that might not fully grasp what is being communicated:

Whoever u are [excuse me, I don’t believe we have met]
let me guess [it is a pleasure to meet you]
god [now that I have your attention]
kuz u never done anything wild in your life [I would like to point out that many of us have done things in our youth that we regretted later in life.]
throwing stupid shade [so please don’t criticize this person]
anybody can do that on the internet [on social media]
clown shoes [so insensitively]


lets be real though--he done some shit in life and wasn’t always so innocent. not saying he deserved to die but if you're going to mix it up in the streets at 2 am that shit catches up with you. and no i ain't never been arrested.

Shut the fuck up if you don't

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Shut the fuck up if you don't know the full story! Yes, it was RANDOM!! Yes, he was innocent. The fact that you went and searched him up shows how much of a low life piece of shit you are. No one deserves that! Watch what you say. Karma will get you.

As someone in the industry...

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...I hate to blame the establishment, but this is ridiculous.

Cure is "featured" on here on a regular basis. Place is a dump and always has been. Time to shut it.

Yawn..if you're going to

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Yawn..if you're going to attempt to troll, the least you could do would be to not suck at it

No matter what, nobody

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No matter what, nobody deserves to be shot. To save lives of all patrons and employees, why can't security detectors be installed at all Boston nightclubs? Just like fed and state governmental office buildings. How about installing them also at BPS's while we're at it? School's about to start. It is very sad and should never have happened in the first place, not in a public establishment.