Man charged with trying to stab T bus driver through window near Dudley station

Dennison Drew

A Quincy man who tried to stab a T bus driver through a bus window held onto the bus as the driver hit the accelerator to get away from him, Transit Police report.

According to police, Dennison Drew, 25, tried to board a bus just outside Dudley station around 10:40 p.m. yesterday even though the bus was not in service.

When the operator signaled to Drew he could not board the bus Drew walked around to the driver's side and attempted to stab the operator through the window. The operator held the window shut as Drew continued stabbing his knife against the window. The operator pulled away and Drew held onto the side as the bus for a distance before letting go.

Police say officers found Drew walking towards Malcolm X. Boulevard.

Upon noticing the officers Drew reversed direction and in a hurried pace moved away from the officers. Eventually the officers caught up to Drew who was holding a knife with the blade extended. Officers ordered Drew to drop the weapon of which he complied.

Drew was then charged with assault by means of a dangerous weapon, police say.



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Driving an MBTA bus

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Is a tough job. They get spit on s***t on and punched out on a regular basis. I thought the MBTA was installing barriers on their buses to prevent there drivers from being attacked? Do the transit police ride buses through the neighborhoods if the driver requests police protection?

Some buses do have them

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But it wouldn't have helped in this case since the guy attacked (allegedly, natch) from the outside window.

T cops don't normally just follow buses, but when a driver presses the CALL POLICE button (which splashes that message on the bus's message boards), BPD cops will respond if they see it.

It would be a great way of

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It would be a great way of community policing to have a cop or two just ride the bus and shoot the breeze with some passengers.

Driving an MBTA bus

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To anonymous, they do have the protective barrier but it is not on all buses.

Mental Health vs Corrections

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In lieu of the few examples of this person Behavior what would you recommend imprisonment or hospitalization?

Sound like a great question

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Sound like a great question for qualified professionals, and not, say, a local news comment thread