Two shot on Expressway near Neponset Circle

State Police report two motorcyclists were shot just before Neponset Circle on I-93 southbound shortly after 5 p.m. by somebody in a Jeep.

Both were rushed to local hospitals with serious injuries.

State Police say they are looking for a red Jeep Renegade, occupied by two men at the time of the shooting.




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Was coming back from my

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Was coming back from my parents' house on the South Coast for my father's birthday. Heading northbound on 93 about 1/3rd of the mile from the Tip O'Neill tunnel traffic came to a near halt on 93 around 2:40 or 2:45PM. On the left side on the shoulder were two motorcyclists with sport bikes, both off their bikes. On the right side on the shoulder were another dozen or so, again, with almost all of them off their bikes.

Wonder if this was the same group of motorcyclists

No. Sport bikes (as in, not

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No. Sport bikes (as in, not touring bikes or cruisers). Likely all in the 600-750cc range (with probably a few 350-400s).

Take the T

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It might not run on time but at least it is safe as opposed to the parks and highways in Boston.