Man shot in Dorchester

NBC Boston reports a man was shot, shortly after 9 p.m. on Sunday, at 124 Glenway St. His injuries were not considered life threatening.



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Is this gang warfare...? would be nice to have a comment from BPD on WTF is going on. Amount of guns on the street is crazy. Even though BPD pulls several guns a week, just can't keep up.

Some of it seems to be

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The officers at our neighborhood meeting in Dorchester last week said a) crime in Dorchester is down relative to crime in Boston year over year but b) there is a turf war among Dominican gangs that is behind several violent incidents around Grove Hal.

Neglected properties

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We have friends who have owned their homes for generations there. Walk there all the time. I can't speak to the specifics of this death. But I'll say this. In Boston, it doesn't take neighbors neglecting their neighborhood to draw gangs, drugs, and violence, and even a home filled with love, trust, and hope can find a body on its walk. So undeserved and sad.