Guy tries to hold up West Roxbury bank, but runs away with no money

Police are investigating an attempted holdup at the Citizens Bank branch at 673 VFW Parkway (the strip mall where Gary's is) around 12:40 p.m. The suspect, described as a black man, about 5'6" and in his 30s and wearing black clothes, a black hat and sunglasses, fled without any money onto Independence Drive.



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I think we need a poll

can you do polls?

Is that the strip mall where

Garys is?
Brueggers is?
Bertuccis is?
JP Licks is?

Personally I'd go Bertucci's.


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So sick of Bertucci's.

Bruegger's and Gary's, fine.

JP Licks, I'd rather keep the money #thatcostsHOWMUCH?


There's other JP Licks. More Brueggers, more Bertuccis.

Only one Gary's.

Gary's Discount Liquors

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Some of the best prices of seen in and around Boston. And a nice selection.