New Hampshire man learns roof-deck bench not best place to hide from police officers following trail of stolen items

Boston Police report arresting a man from Spofford, NH, with a long history of break-in arrests north of the Merrimack, on charges he broke into a Back Bay home early Sunday.

Police report Matthew Kirker, 27, was not all that hard to find: Officers responding to a break-in call at 46 Gloucester St. around 6:40 a.m. heard him fleeing from the unit via a rear fire escape, then climbed up the roof and followed the trail of stolen stuff he dropped as he tried to flee on the roof. They spotted him "underneath a roof deck bench" on an adjoining Newbury Street rooftop, police say.

Police say Kirker was scheduled for arraignment in Boston Municipal Court on charges of breaking and entering, attempted breaking and entering, receiving stolen property and, naturally, possession of burglarious tools.

Innocent, etc.



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Great Job BPD. As for Matthew

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Great Job BPD. As for Matthew, someone tell him to keep the burglary shit in New Hampshire. Boston does not need that!



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he just drove down from New Hamster in a pick up truck?

When I lived in the Back Bay...

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... some hallway items were stolen. But it was the sleazy landlord and banker neighbors getting away with worse crimes. The police looked the other way.