Haymarket fare jumper was packing a loaded gun, police say


Transit Police report arresting Rosba Taylor, 25, of Lynn, on gun charges Tuesday afternoon after he allegedly tried to get onto the T at Haymarket without paying.

Police say officers initially started to write out a ticket for fare jumping around 5:30 p.m. but moved to arrest him after he provided two fake names, on a charge of failing to identify himself.

As the officers attempted to take control of Taylor he began to shift his body away from the officers.

Police say that might have been because Taylor had a .22-caliber handgun in his waistband with one round in the chamber.

On booking him on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition, police add, officers found some crack on him as well, which was good for an additional drug charge.

In June, police from Plymouth to Lynn went on a manhunt for Taylor on a report he had menaced his ex-girlfriend, then kidnapped their three-year-old son and drove him back to Lynn. At the time, Taylor's family told WBZ that the ex was just making up stories again and that Taylor didn't have a gun with him.

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They actually arrest people

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They actually arrest people for fare evasion? At my stop (Field's Corner), people walk through the gates all the time, right in front of T employees. It makes me so mad that I pay $84.50 every month for a pass, yet others just hop on for free.

Normally, no

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It's a ticketable offense. The arrest comes if the cops determine you're lying to them about what your real name is.

Because of recent

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Because of recent technological advances called "the internet" and "computers"

I love to piss off the

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I love to piss off the "piggybacker" fare evaders who following me right up my ass. I walk right up the terminal gate then quickly turning back and not going through just to see the looks on their faces. Usually I pick them out like a sore thumb.

Space invaders

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These guys are usually annoyingly close as you approach. Like, in my personal space and it pisses me off. I usually stop short to "search" for my pass and bounce them back. If they say anything I just look at them and say "stay the fuck away from me".

There's some saying about

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There's some saying about "don't break two laws at once". If you're gonna carry a gun in violation of the law, maybe don't fare-jump. -.-

Nice job

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Question I applaud the police but if fare jumping is equivalent to a parking ticket how do they get to search you for weapons and demand you produce identification.

They need ID to write the ticket

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Note the search only came after (allegedly, natch) the suspect began doing things that, to the eyes of an experienced police officer might indicated sufficient probable cause for a search after they'd decided to arrest him on the failure-to-identify charge.

Take a staple gun and stick

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Take a staple gun and stick it in your waistband.

Now try and walk around without having to hold it up with your hands. A decent holster can avoid this issue, but a person with an illegal firearm is not known for good sense.

You are not obligated to carry and produce identification

You are not obligated to carry and produce identification. On the other hand, the state is entitled to get its fines paid. One way to convince the state that it'll get paid is to provide them with convincing evidence that they know who you are and how to find you if you don't pay (i.e. by showing some sort of valid ID documents). Another way is to post bond, but that typically entails a trip to the booking desk.

Terry stop

If an officer stops and detains you on reasonable suspicion, they're allowed to do a pat-down for weapons or anything else that might be an immediate hazard to the officer.

(so named for Terry v. Ohio)


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Did he really not have a free transfer to the subway from the 426 or 450?!

Packing ... and Dumb

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Rosba Taylor should get a Darwin award.

Packing (one round in the chamber.) ... and gets nabbed for fare evasion.
Hard to beat that.