Men being assholes: Woman groped by employee at Back Bay bar, woman punched in the mouth at Fenway Park

Early on Aug. 13, a woman standing in Club Cafe, 209 Columbus Ave., had her buttocks grabbed by a male employee.

At a Boston Licensing Board hearing today, a club attorney acknowledged the incident and said video showed the man clearly grabbed the woman rather than, say, gently motioning her out of his way.

The employee, who had worked there for three years with no problems, was fired that night after a manager showed him the video, they attorney said.

Separately, a man upset he got to the Bud Deck bar too late in a game to get a beer took out his frustrations on a woman and her friends by punching her in the mouth - after one of his pals poured a beer on them.

The woman required 15 to 20 stitches to stop the bleeding from her lip, a police detective testified.

According to the woman and Fenway security director Charles Cellucci, the woman's friend was the last to get a beer before the bar shut at the bottom of the seventh inning. A man behind them shoved the friend in frustration, then went back to his space with his buds on the SRO deck, as did the woman and her friend, they said. The woman told the security guard at the deck entrance about the incident. Moments later, the irate man and his group began screaming "rude comments about women" at the woman and her group; Cellucci said the woman's group returned the verbal volleys.

A security guard spoke to both groups to try to calm them down; but as he was talking to the woman's group, one of the irate man's friends grabbed a can of beer, went up to the woman's group and doused them with the beer. A brawl erupted and irate guy wound up and punched - hitting the woman in the mouth. "My lip bows open," the woman said.

Later, Cellucci said, the man claimed he only punched the woman by mistake - he was really taking a swing at one of her male friends.

Police have charged both that man and the beer pourer with assault and battery, a BPD detective said.

The licensing board decides Thursday what action, if any, to take for both incidents.

Board Chairwoman Christine Pulgini, however, said that in both case, it appears there was nothing management could have done to have prevented the men from suddenly acting they way they did.



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Club Cafe

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Club Cafe is a well-known gay club. I wish this article wasn't chalked up to some straight bro guy or all men in general...

The majority of staff member are gay too.

That's nice

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But the law doesn't make a distinction between gay and straight men when it comes to sexual assault, so in this case it makes no difference what the worker's private life is like.


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So the writer of the article should have sought to protect Club Cafe's image on the basis of the typical clientele's preferred genitalia? Sound logic.

Better title.

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Some men being asswholes. Whereas, in this witch-hunt hysteria by some who believe all men, by virtue of being born male, are doomed to ass-whole like behavior, specific titles are better. And I can assure you there are plenty of woman out there who are asswholes.

Ah yes

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You poor little bunny. OMG, you might be expected to expect other men to behave themselves. SUCH A TRAGEDY I CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE.

Isn't it just amazing how much white male christian and wealthy people are picked on these days! EMERGENCY WHAMBULANCE NEEDED!


Nice work

The transition from reporting on women assaulted by men to soothing men's hurt feelings took less than an hour. Well done!

Answer to #2

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First, I did not say anything about soothing men's feelings, especially these men. What the men did in this instance was wrong. All I said is that not all men are assholes (notice that it is spelt correctly this time) and I am concerned about those who paint the entire race as such due to said male's birth sex.


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On top of your strange need to make this point... Why can't you spell asshole correctly?

Answer to #3

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Almost as strange as your post. Sorry about the mipelling. There is alway one word polce in the cowd, amiright?


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Punching a woman, for any reason is a major problem and I'd wonder how stable a man is if he felt like hitting a woman is ever ok. Grabbing her ass-while SLIGHTLY less egregious-is a borderline sex crime. While I don't think a man should be thrown in jail for grabbing ass, there should be some sort of repercussions.

As for your witch-hunt comment, I don't totally disagree, this instance notwithstanding. But I do wonder where the line is now days and what's 'harmless flirting' and what's infringing on a woman's right? Men will always flirt with women, hopefully it's done in a respectful way. Weinstein? There's no excuse for that and he crossed any and all lines a long time ago. And cat-calling has been frowned upon by women for as long as I can remember. But is it still ok to approach a woman and flirt or hit on her or is that no longer ok too?

Grr, at this point I don't really care what men think

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And I'm one.

If you can't tell the difference between, oh, chatting with a woman you don't know in a bar and grabbing her body like you own her, you need to find somebody who can explain it to you. Hint, it's really not that difficult.


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So its not ok to ask the question? I get it, most people on here are overly self righteous but that doesn't mean there isn't still the opportunity to talk about it. I have a very happy and healthy relationship, so I'm not hitting on anyone at the bar.

And for the record I was very clear that both the actions described in this story were abhorrent.


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I'm too old and have poor enough eyesight that gaslighting doesn't really work on me anymore. Grabbing a woman like that isn't borderline anything: It's a crime.

Again, if you're having trouble telling the difference between flirting and what's legally called indecent assault and battery, you need to a) get somebody to educate you and b) stay away from people you might want to try that on until you learn the difference.

Here wo go again

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I said borderline because obviously things like rape, sexual harassment, etc are sex crimes each and every time (as far as being charged) but you can't believe every guy who has grabbed a woman's ass has been hauled into court to face sexual assault charges, even if they should be.

It's not about whether I can tell the difference or not, its about where society, and more importantly where women draw the line, that was my question. And it was a question asked in hopes of sparking a conversation, but obviously Uhub isn't the place for that. So I fully get it now, if you don't go along with what EVERYONE else is saying or asking, your somehow a bad person who doesn't know anything.

Now I understand why conservatives refer to liberals as snowflakes, heavens forbid anyone try to ask a question that doesn't fit squarely in the PC box.


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Yes. Yes. and Yes. What is so disconcerting is that we can't have a reasonable and polite debate on these important topics. We don't have to agree and I don't expect all of us to agree but I am concerned about the shut down of different opinions, which, unfortunately, I see too many times by and from the left (of which, I am one). As I say, keep it up folks and we will have four more years of that horrid man in office.

Three right turns

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Those only make a left if you are a UPS driver.

You are constantly making right turns here.

Oh, right

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As I say, keep it up folks and we will have four more years of that horrid man in office.

Oh absolutely, Trump was elected and will be reelected because people on the left are insufficiently nice and polite. Adam, what were you saying about gaslighting?

Ok, Adam. I get it.

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Let me just say, in my life, I have been assaulted three times by three different males. (yes, lightening does strike twice, unfortunately). I am totally empathetic to sexual assault in all its forms against all sexes. Yes, a man should not grab a woman's ass in a bar. I agree. But there are some women out there where if I man just looks at them longer than three seconds, it is "sexual harassment". My concern is with these women and those women who paint the entire male race as some perverted sex fiends waiting to ponce on them. It is destructive, dangerous and just plain wrong.

Are you speaking from experience?

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But there are some women out there where if I man just looks at them longer than three seconds, it is "sexual harassment".

When people say "there are some women/people/Democrats/bunnies/whatever", I always wonder whether a)they are speaking from real life experience or their vivid imaginations, and b)if the former, whether "some" can be counted on the fingers of one hand and leave enough fingers left over to make rude gestures in several different cultures. Which is it for you? Note: I'm perfectly willing for you to tell me that your personal empirical survey produces 34 such women; I just want you to distinguish between the truth, your impressions of it, and what you've been told the truth is (or should be).

citations needed

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citations needed

Men who assault often claim that they were "only" looking, and it looks like you bought that because you find men to be more credible than women.

I am a man...

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...and yet somehow I was able to figure out that Adam's headline did not imply that I was an asshole.

Well yes some men are jerks..

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Well yes some men are jerks...but most jerks are men. Yes there are female jerks...but just check the stats. The one true common denominator of criminal behavior over 90% of the time is MALE. You just have to check the stats...assault, battery, rape, murder, mass murder, etc. etc.

While I don't disagree with your first statement...

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It's kind of... misleading to use crime stats as an indicator of what is actually happening in American society.

For example, just because black people are jailed more than 5 times the rate of rate of white people doesn't mean that black people are committing 5 times more crimes or that "most jerks are black."

This is always about power

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Never about sex.

I have heard of gaybros groping women in bars that they think they "own" in order to drive them out of their special boyspace.

Classic example of using sexual attacks to assert dominance.

usually its the straightbros who invade the gay club

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In my experience, at least half if not more of the security staff at gay bars are straight guys and then there are straight dudes who come into the club thinking the women there are easy prey.

That said, there are also gay dudes that grope women but in all fairness, many of these women are bachelorette party chicks who are drunk and start feeling the gay guys up first.

Dude, you could have had the beer!

Separately, a man upset he got to the Bud Deck bar too late in a game to get a beer took out his frustrations on a woman and her friends by punching her in the mouth - after one of his pals poured a beer on them

If he wanted a beer so bad why didn't he just drink his friend's beer instead? Obviously his friend had extra.

I think

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That spelling is reserved for people who are wholly assholes. Maybe this guy was an asshole who aspired to be an asswhole. He was working his way up.

And as for what staff put up with....

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My experience is that the most egregious offenders against staff, in terms of hands going where they don't belong, are straight people. Straight guys putting their paws on women, straight women treating gay men like toys they can squeeze. So I was surprised to hear of the staff guy at Club Cafe doing it to a woman.

Probably not the first time

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I have to laugh at the "worked there for three years with no problems". This was in all likelihood not the first incident -- just the first one that was reported, or possibly the first to be punished. Dude didn't just wake up that morning and think, hey, maybe today I'll be the kind of person who just grabs people's asses in an unwelcome manner.


It wasn't an unreasonable assumption that this wasn't the first time the guy did something like this.